Best 10 3rd cousin Relationship Facts Updated 2022

What are 3rd cousins to each other?

We are all familiar with the family tree. It helps us to scan our generations so that we can locate our common ancestors. So, technically we have our first cousins, second cousins, and then our 3rd cousins. But in this article, we will specifically focus on 3rd cousin relationships.

Now, let’s understand what cousins are? Cousins are people who are related to each other with the same common ancestors who should at least be two generations away. Note! You and your brother and sister cannot be cousins. Why? Because your parents are directly related to you and are only one generation away.

The relationship between cousins is not a rocket science, and one can understand it easily. The number connected with your cousin relation indicates that you are that number of generations away from your common ancestor.

For example, first cousins mean you are one generation away from your common ancestors. Similarly, second cousins indicated that you are two generations away from your common ancestors. The same goes for the third.

Third cousin relationships get a little complex as they involve almost four generations. Third cousins share their common ancestor at the point of great-great-grandparent.

Are 3rd cousins blood-related?

According to a genetic perspective, there are ninety percent fair chances that third cousins always share their genetic makeup, their DNA. According to studies, on average third cousins who have shared DNA share 0.78 percent of their genetic makeup with each other.

According to the above information, the amount of DNA shared between third cousins can vary and is not always the same ratio. However, it is very uncommon for third cousins to share more than two percent of their genetic makeup.

Is it okay to marry your 3rd cousin?

Legally, most countries have no issues if you want to marry your third or even fourth cousin. While marrying first cousins is often frowned upon because, in various cases, there are defects in the children who married their first cousins.

However, according to the research and studies, marrying and having children from your third and fourth cousins is the best option if you want to increase your family size. 

Scientists believe that third and fourth generations have the best genetic makeup among all generations, and hence they are best for reproduction. However, the legal aspects involved in such relations may get a little complex depending upon the country and state in which you live.

Is my 3rd cousin close?

The level of closeness of your cousins depends on their generations. You can tell how close or distant they are from you. For example, first cousins are closest to you because your parents share a single grandparent.

On the other hand, second cousins are a little distant from you because your parents share a single great-grandparent. Now coming to the third cousins, they are way more distant from you than your first and second cousins because your parents share a great-great-grandparent.

What are 3rd cousins once removed?

People who we call family are those among which we are born. We call these people our blood relatives, or we can also say that “X” person has a blood relationship with me. Our family and our relatives provide us with our family orientation. We cannot run from it because it is who we are. Our family is responsible for our DNA and genetic makeup.

You often hear people saying that this person is my third cousin but removed once. What does remove mean? Remove is a metaphor for explaining that this individual is distant by one generation from your third cousin.

So technically, that individual becomes the child of your third cousin because he is one generation away. So, what is the common ancestor shared by your third cousin and third cousin once removed? They both share a common ancestor. The third cousin will be a great-great-grandparent, while for the third cousin once removed, the same ancestor will be his great-great-great grandparent.

3rd cousin relationship

These relationships are necessary for law and for attorneys when the property has to be transferred to the blood relatives. So if you think about what these concepts have to do with our daily lives? Well, they are necessary because most of the time, people do not declare their will, and then the wealth has to be distributed to all the blood relatives first.

3rd cousin dating

Though it may be hard for people to explain third cousin relationships, that does not mean you are forbidden from dating your 3rd cousins. In fact, according to studies dating your third cousins is optimal because you will probably have so much in common. Also, reproduction statistics are in favour of third cousin weddings.

Scientists confirm that third cousins are the best people to marry if you want to expand your family chart. Also, as there are cases of genetic mishaps in the children due to first-cousin marriages, on the other hand, third cousins do not have any such problems. 

Because DNA shared among third cousins is of a tiny percentage. All over the U.S, it is legal to date or marry your second and third cousins.

3rd cousins twice removed

Sometimes you may encounter your cousins with whom you share a common ancestor, but they are not in the same generation as you. It means they are removed once or twice from the family map. Suppose there is not a single cousin removed from your family chart, then it means all of your cousins are equally distant from the common ancestor or are in the same generation.

By removing twice, it means that your third cousins are two generations away from you. That will mean the third cousin is either from your grandparent’s generation. In the other case, he is from the generation of your grandchildren. It is because they resulted by removing two generations twice.

3rd cousins having babies

There is ultimately no harm in dating, marrying, and having babies with third and four cousins. According to the research, having babies with your third cousin is the best option for reproduction because they carry the best genes from both of the worlds.

Some people believe in myths that having babies with your 3rd cousin can result in malfunctioning babies. But, that is not right. Such facts are only supported for first-cousin marriages where there are high possibilities for genetic mishaps.

Are third cousins allowed to date?

There are no such legal restrictions for cousins regarding marriages. Almost in every country, it is entirely legal to marry your first, second, third or even the fourth cousin.

However, some of the states may have restrictions regarding marrying your first cousin because of the risk of delivering abnormal babies. Even for that, there are some medical complexities through which you can be assured that even if you marry your first cousin, the baby will be safe and sound.

So, in a nutshell, there are no legal boundaries for marrying your 3rd cousin all over the world.

3rd cousin congenital disabilities

Is it true that babies born to two cousins can have genetic defects? Well, marrying your closest generation means your first cousin creates a significant number of risks that children will not be delivered typically. Mating with your first cousin results in the passing of the worst genes. Due to these risks, 24 states of the U.S declared first cousin marriages as illegal.

3rd cousin relationship

Higher the amount of genetic makeup you share with your mate will result in more significant chances for your children to develop genetic disorders like sickle-cell anemia and cystic fibrosis. However, when it comes to your 3rd cousin, you share the least amount of DNA. Only 0.20% is the amount of DNA one shares with his third cousin. So observing genetic defects in the babies of two-third cousins is very rare.  

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