Bored In A Relationship

Best 20 Bored In A Relationship Facts Updated 2022

Bored in a relationship

Relationships seem fun until once experienced. Then, it is natural to feel like having a companion to share your life and make memories. But, sometimes you get sick of living alone, and you can’t go on further like this.

How can you seek others for a relationship?

There are many ways nowadays which can help you find someone. For example, you can visit various social apps, socialize with people, switch to new places, and ultimately help yourself find a perfect match.

Early days of a relationship

In the start, when everything is new, life seems to be perfect. You enjoy every single second with your partner and want to spend more time together. But sometimes, with time, you start losing interest in each other, and everything perfect back then falls apart.

Bored in a relationship after one year

Some people are not serious about anything yet take everything for fun and a good time passes. For example, they usually get into a relationship for the sake of a good time, and once they lose interest in the other person, they start to get bored in that relationship and leave that person.

Inhumane act

It is a very inhumane act as you don’t even know the person ultimately in a year. It takes time to get to know a person, and one should understand this. 

Long term relationships 

Many people among us can be loyal in their relationships. They are up to long term relationships and have no issues staying with a single person for the rest of their lives.

But sometimes, some people don’t encourage this trait because of their selfishness and decide to ditch the other person ready to give their life for them.

Bored in a relationship after two years

Some people get tired of being in a relationship. They do this for gaining experience, and once they feel it to the maximum level, they feel like getting over it and move on to the next step of life.

A search for ‘the better.’

On the other hand, some are in constant search of ‘the better. Despite having a perfect partner, they don’t feel satisfied and continue to search for other better options.

Mutual understanding

Mutual understanding is one of the central pillars of a relationship. It is tough to understand a person based on a single or few meetings. You need time to go through a person and develop your understanding level.

Red flags

It is ubiquitous to ignore the red flags in the initial phase of your relationship. Still, once you have lived with a person for a year or two and fail to develop mutual understanding, it’s better to part your ways and work according to your interests.

Bored in a relationship after three years

The third third-year is a very challenging year in terms of relationships as many people start doubting if they are with the right person or not or if they have made the right decision. 

Reasons for getting bored after three years

Following are the reasons for getting bored after three years

Comparison with the new

You may have started to compare your relationship with someone who has just started his relationship. But, unfortunately, things can never be the same for both because it is incredibly different in the start and changes afterwards.

Attraction towards the charm

Many people are fascinated by the charm of the other couples who get into a relationship. However, no one knows how long it will be and how long it will stay like this.

Social media

Social media portrays the best situation, and people who get influenced by such sites get bored after spending some time together.

Bored in a relationship

Bored in a relationship after five years

Going in the same pattern in a relationship makes it unexciting and monotonous. So usually, many couples face this problem that they don’t change their activities and continue to follow the same routine for years. It not only lessens the charm but also aids in losing interest in each other.

How do you get off track and plan new activities?

  1. You can do different things to get new plans and activities on the board.
  2. It would be best if you started with the small things around you. 
  3. Try to bring a slight change in your surroundings by changing your household furniture.
  4. You can change your look; getting a new haircut can be helpful.
  5. You can plan a holiday together.
  6. You can make a list of ‘to do things and work on it accordingly.
  7. You can visit your friends or invite them to your place.
  8. You can bring a change in your dressing and styling sense.
  9. It would be best if you tried to do new things.

Getting bored in a relationship after six years

Sometimes it takes a long time to realize that a particular person is not made for you, and you two belong to different categories. It is hard to access each other initially, but as long as you get to know the other person, you realize how things work out. Usually, relationships start with passion and excitement, but after the joy phase, the newness settles down.

Accept the change

It is wrong to expect things to be the same forever. Nothing can last forever; people change, life events change them, and you should accept the change. According to their perceptions, those who don’t accept reality undergo hard times and usually get bored when things do not go around.

Getting bored in a relationship after seven years

Seven years of your life is a long time to stay with someone. You get to know your partner fully in such a long time, and you get clear whether you guys belong to the same category or not.

Compromising due to attachment

It is natural to get attached to someone who has spent seven years of his life with you. But sometimes, despite our attachment, certain things disturb us. The things we would never do, but we choose to remain silent over them.  It’s either because of the fear of losing the other person or emotional or physical attachment. But how long can one do this?

You have to get vocal about your interests and concerns, but when you opt silent over being a vocalist, then things disturb you to another level.  You start to compromise over things you never wanted to do, making you lose interest in your partner and your relationship

Comparison with others

Sometimes, other people affect our lives without even letting us know. Many of us will agree that social media has played a significant role in ruining the peace of our lives. Comparing yourself to someone who belongs to a different social circle is not a wise thing to do.

Comparison has always created harmful effects. You need to understand that every other person is different and has a different set of rules for their life. You have yours, while others have theirs. So you must not compare your relationship or partner with anyone as everyone has its life cycle.

Self-care and appealing personalities

It is a natural phenomenon that we get attracted to what’s appealing to our sight. Usually, people lose interest in themselves and try not to make an effort to look presentable.

In such cases, the partner loses interest in you and is honest, and one should not blame them. However, in today’s era, when we are open to so many options, anyone can choose what suits him the best. So if you want your partner never to get bored of you, you must take care of yourself and look pleasant. 

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