Can a Single Parent Adopt a Child? Updated 2021

Can a single parent adopt a child?

As beautiful an experience as marriage can be, it is nothing more than a predicament for some people. On the other hand, some people decide their life is as beautiful as it can get, and they don’t find the space or time for a spouse. Many such and more instances involving many examples render people decide on living a single life, but that doesn’t mean the craving for the warmth of a child goes away. A common concept explains that only a married couple can adopt a child, but many raise the question that can a single parent adopt a child as well or not. And if they can, what is the procedure for it. 

Can a single parent adopt a child?

Luckily for everyone deciding to ride the single wave, a single parent can adopt a child. Different states in America have different laws, rules, and regulations, and every community looks at a particular aspect or topic differently from the rest. It is essential to know the procedures and the regulations about at least the central targeted regions to make a well-read decision.

Can a single parent adopt a child in Canada?

The myth states that single parents in Canada cannot go for adoption. Still, with research, it was found that, though there is a certain amount of inclination of birthing mothers and agencies towards married couples, there is also a fair chance of a single parent adopting a child. It all depends on the stability of the adopting parent as an individual. 

Can a single parent adopt a child in Kenya?

Albeit a viable option, adoption is still an act that the culture and society of Kenya look down on most of the time. Before answering whether a single parent can adopt a child in Kenya, it is vital to identify whether single or married; it takes a very lengthy and time-consuming procedure for the agencies in Kenya to place a child with an adopting family. And even with the characteristics of being a loving couple or an individual, specific requirements need to be met to be eligible to adopt. For instance, for a couple to adopt a child, they should be married for at least three years. To come to answer the question that can a single parent adopt a child or not,

well, they can, but the requirement states that they should be between the ages of 25 and 65 years old and that the age gap between the child and the adopting parent should be of 21 years at a minimum. For instance, should you choose to adopt a child aged six years old, you should be of the age or older than 27 years. Even by a year or few months, anyone younger than that will fail to fall under the eligibility criteria to adopt six years old. And should a person be able to meet the entire criteria, there is still an essential procedure that is equally time-consuming as well. But all in all, a single parent can most definitely adopt a child in Kenya.

Can a Single Parent Adopt a Child

Can a single parent adopt a child in Nigeria?

A single parent can adopt a child in Nigeria, and its proceedings are more or less similar to those in Kenya. However, there are considerable differences as well. For instance, for a single parent to adopt a child, the two should be of the same gender. Only extraordinary circumstances allow a child to be placed with a parent of the opposite gender. The same rule applies according to which the age gap between the child and the parent should be 21 years, and the parent should be stable as an individual.

 Can a single parent adopt a child in Mississippi?

Rules in Mississippi are not as solid and strict as we have come to see for other regions. For a single parent to adopt a child, they should have resided in Mississippi for six consecutive months immediately before adoption. Exceptions are more commonly made, but even though the government does not impose laws, adoption agencies have regulations that vary from organization to organization.

Can a single parent adopt in Arizona?

In Arizona, any individual wanting to adopt should be approved by the Arizona adoption home study to be eligible. Even apart from that, individual adoption agents usually have requirements that the adoptive parent should meet. However, the entire process of adoption involves a rigorous phase of background check, review of financial records, criminal background check, home visits, and more. Only the most stable and qualified are selected to be parents for a child.

Can a single parent adopt a child in Illinois?

There are several ways a parent can adopt a child, I.e., through an agency or the court. But through any given route, the adopting parent should be a licensed foster parent in order t be eligible. Licensing itself requires a rigorous process of background checks, financial record review, and criminal background checks, which can sometimes be nerve breaking but always worth it in the end.

Can a single parent adopt a child in India?

The society, culture, and norms of India affect the concept of adoption on a large scale. Moreover, the presence of different communities at large makes the procedure even more complicated. But to simplify it as much as possible, for a Hindu female, it is permissible to adopt a child of any gender. Still, it is not permissible for a Hindu male to adopt a child of the opposite gender, I.e., a female child. Furthermore, the age for women in India to adapt has been brought down to 25 years of age. But any individual above the age of 55 years is not permissible to follow through with the process of adoption.

Can a single parent adopt a child in Australia?

It is usually believed that a two-parent household provides more stability to the child. There is a considerable amount of bias towards dual-parent adoptions, but even besides that, the acceptance rate for single-parent adoption is comparatively higher. The scales are not balanced, and there are still many agencies that do not allow single parents to sign up for adoption, let alone go through with the process. The agencies that do allow single parents to adopt also conduct background checks and sometimes also question the sexuality of the individual.

Can a single parent adopt a child in the US?

A study conducted in 2011 states that more than 13,000 women from all around the country adopted children as a single parent through the foster care system, and this number has only been rising ever since with each passing year. The recent changes in society’s point of view and a gradual shift towards a more accepting mindset towards people have made it easier for people to be accepted as single parents.

Can I adopt as a single parent?

The world at large is changing with every passing minute. Social media has taken over the world, especially the youth, and the use it to bring about positive change in society is as evident as it can get. People are starting to be more kind in their actions towards other people. The smallest of injustices creates uproars worldwide, and the idea of getting away with things is the concept of the past now. Adopting as a single parent is possible in almost every nation of the world with only a few changes in the laws and requirements.

Can a Single Parent Adopt a Child

How to Start a Family Solo

The first thing that needs to be done by anyone aspiring to be a single parent is research. Get your hands on all of the facts and figures. Every region has its eligibility criteria and requirements, and you must fit all of them to apply for adoption. Many agencies work tirelessly to provide their best services; the aspirant needs to pick the agency that fits them the best and the one that’s most comfortable to them. After signing up with any chosen agency, the individual will have to go through the questioning sessions and review sessions. If seen fit, they will have to wait to be selected for placement of the child. The whole process can cause anxiety and nervousness, but the more ease a person tries to stay, the better the odds are for them.


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