10 Best Cousin Sister Relationship Facts Updated 2022

Cousin Sister Relationship

A cousin is the person with whom you share blood ties and both of you descend from a common grandparent. In many areas of the world, cousins are usually considered siblings, and that is why dating or marrying your cousin is not taken positively in most ethnicities. Cousin sister relationships are of great significance.

Because most of the time those first cousins who do not have any sisters are more attached with their cousins, and hence they end up calling them cousin sisters.

For example, In India and other Middle Eastern cultures the cousins are usually termed as “Cousin brother” for the male cousin, whereas the term “Cousin sister” is used for the female cousin.

However, that is not proper English and may confuse some people. Because even if you are saying your cousin as your cousin sister or cousin brother, at the end of the day they still are your cousins.

Cousin sister son relationship

You may not know this but the offspring’s of your cousins are actually your “First cousins once removed.” On the other hand, your own children will be second cousins with your cousin’s children.

We often address our cousins’ children as our nephews and nieces. But from the consanguinity or genealogy perspective they are actually your first cousins once removed, because you are one generation away from each other.

These children will call you as their uncles and aunts, and your own children will also refer to them as cousins, but they will be their second cousins.

Niece and cousin both?

In several cultures and religions, there are several terms through which you address your distant relatives. But, unfortunately there are no such terms or specific words in the English language.

It does not matter if you are pure English or resident of the U.S. There is simply no word or term for the “First cousins once removed.” In most English and American societies, they just pick a name or a word that fits best with the situation and does not relate with the genealogy accuracy. 

Therefore, the person you may call Aunt Mindy may be your first cousin once removed, and to be more precise your niece. The thing age doesn’t matter while preparing family charts and it all depends on the layers of each generation. It may be confusing but it is what it is.

Cousin Sister Relationship

Why can’t we address them as first cousins once removed?

Yes! You can call them “First cousins once removed”, but you usually do not write a greeting card, wedding  card or even a birthday card saying “To my first cousin once removed.”  People won’t understand it unless they are a genealogist, only then they are capable of understanding this term.

So coming to the point, if you want to call your cousin’s children as your nephew and nieces it primarily depends on your family traditions, and what names your community prefers to call your cousin’s children. But you can teach them the technicalities of genealogy and then you can have fun by saying each other’s first cousin once removed.

Cousin sister husband relationship

We most often use the first names of our siblings’ husbands and wives, because that seems logical. For example, if your sister’s husband’s name is Jack, you will call him jack no matter how close you are to each other.

Siblings are more close to you than your cousins. Hence the spouses of your cousins won’t really be too close to you as well. We call our siblings spouses as brother-in-law or sister-in-law but there is no such word as “Cousin-in-law.”

The terms vary a lot in different cultures and religions, for example in India the term “Jija and Jiju” is used for the spouses of sister and brother respectively.

It doesn’t matter if the spouses are of your siblings or of your cousin, the terms goes for both. So in most cultures people call their siblings spouses, and cousin spouses by their names. You can simply say this is Jim, my cousin’s husband.

The spouses of your cousin are related to you only because of the matrimony of marriage your cousin has. Hence, you are not related to your cousin’s spouse by blood. The term “in-law” is relative for describing all the relationships with your cousin’s spouses.

Relationship between sister and cousin

Sister is your actual sister, it means you are descended from the same parents, whereas the cousin is not your sister in the sense you are not from the same parents. Both terms sister and cousin are “nouns.”

Sometimes we get attached to our cousins more than our own siblings and that is overwhelming. But, the truth is our cousins are with us in the same way as we have our own siblings. 

Maybe our cousins are the ones who first introduced us to the definition of “friends.” Most of us make friends when we go to kindergarten or the nursery but even before that we are friends with our relatives.

Growing up without a sister may cause a special bond to form between you and your cousin. Sisterhood is an amazing experience and our cousins let us have that feeling. They may not be our siblings, but whenever they are around we feel the maximum pleasure and company that we crave for.

Throughout our lives, our cousins play several roles in our lives. Some of them are even more dear to us than our own siblings. That is why each cousin plays an important part in our lives and each of them is important in his own unique way.

For those people who do not understand the relationship with cousins:

  1. Siblings: People with whom you share your parents.
  2. First cousins: People with whom you share your grandparent.
  3. Second Cousins: People with whom you share your great grandparent or the children of your parent’s cousins.

Is cousin sister the correct relationship?

Well Technically, there is no such relationship as cousin sister relationship. The English language does not contain any word for your “first cousins once removed.” Even though you call your cousin as your cousin sister, still you are eligible to date or be intimate with each other. Hence even if you use the term sister, you are not related by blood. Hence, she is not your real sister.

However, different ethnicities and religions have their own norms and cultures. They also even have some relative terms and titles for distant relationships. For example, in Urdu you call your sister-in-law as “Sali”, and your brother-in-law as “Sala”. However, in the English language you describe all these relations by using the term “In-law”.

So, it majorly depends on the area, country, and also in which society you live. The roles and relations are different in every society and hence also the titles and the names.

What do you call your cousin sister?

You can call your cousin sister as your cousin, and also as your cousin sister too. No matter what term you use, she will still be your cousin. It means even if you consider her as your sister but she still is your cousin, and you do not have any blood ties. It explains that both your cousin and you are capable of marrying, and dating as you are not related by blood.

Cousin Sister Relationship

Is it ok to like your cousin sister?

It is human nature to develop feelings, and to feel affectionate about someone. While growing up most commonly love feelings that we develop are mostly for our cousins. But is it ok to have those feelings?

It is legal to date and be intimate with your cousins, and there is no harm in it unless you are thinking of marrying your cousin. Also, several countries and states do not allow marrying your first cousins.

So it is only okay to like your cousin sister, if you can marry her or also if your community and religion allows it. Because ultimately these things are going to affect you, and therefore they are unignorably.  

In America, there are almost 24 states that prohibit first cousin marriages, and also even if they allow them, it can only be done under these conditions:

  1. Both persons should be infertile or one of them should be, if they want to marry each other.
  2. One of the partners should be over sixty-five years of age, and both of them are not planning on having kids.

Cousin sister relationship facts

  1. God created us as cousins because He was aware she is incapable of managing us as siblings.
  2. Cousin sisters are those friends that will stay loyal and will love you forever.
  3. Time grew old, but cousin sisters always stayed close in our hearts.
  4. In my sister’s cousin, I found my second twin.
  5. Sister cousins may not have it all, but when they are together they can conquer the world.
  6. Your cousin sister will always carry a glimpse of your childhood that is not easy to forget.
  7. Even before cousins, we are friends.
  8. Cousin sisters and brothers are partners of your childhood souls.
  9. We do not get to choose if we are related by blood or not, but we are friends by choice.
  10. Cousins are those people with whom you are already friends.

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