Cousin's Children Relationship

10 Best Cousin’s Children Relationship Facts

Cousin’s Children Relationship

Your cousin’s children are the most close relation to your own children. They are infect your first cousins once removed. So a cousin’s children’s relationships can be complex and yet beautiful at the same time. The children of your cousins provide your children with friends. If your children do not have siblings, then cousin’s children are no less than siblings.

What is your cousin’s child to you?

As most people believe that the children of your cousins are your second cousins, but that is completely false. Your cousin’s children are in fact your first cousins once removed. Though the appropriate term used for addressing your cousin’s children is “ nephew and nieces” , they still are your first cousins once removed.

Meaning of once removed:

The meaning of “cousins once removed” is the number of generations you are away from the origin or common ancestor. As children of your cousins are one generation away from you, therefore they are known as “First cousins once removed.”

Then who are second cousins?

If your cousin’s children are not your second cousins, then who are? Your cousin’s children are actually second cousins to your own children, they are not second cousins to you.

The number associated with cousins like first, second, and third are actually the level of generations. First cousins share the same grandparent, whereas second cousins share a great grandparent. Similarly the third and the fourth cousins share a great great grandparent, and great great great grandparent respectively.

What is my first cousin’s child to me?

Your first cousin’s children are your nephews and nieces, but they actually are your first cousins once removed. You have to understand your family relations like a “Layers of cake”. Each layer of the cake is one generation. 

Think of the first layer as the layer for siblings. The next kids will be the layer of all of your first cousins. So the third layer will contain all of your second cousins. Second cousins are the children of your parent’s cousins.

Now if we move between the layers of the cake you can use the term “Removed”. You have often heard this term when they are your first cousin once removed. So removing once means removal of one layer or one generation. Similarly, removed twice will mean two layers or two generations and so on.

Hence, first cousins’ children are one generation away from you. Therefore they are addressed as “First cousins removed once.”

Tidbit: what is your relation with your first cousin’s child once removed? Easy move to layers to take cake. There it is! It’s your first cousin removed twice.

Cousin's Children Relationship

What is my mom’s cousin’s child to me?

You and your siblings share a grandparent. Also, you’re cousins and you have the same grandparent, right? Similarly your parents or your mother and their cousins also shared the same grandparent. So the children of your mother’s cousin are your second cousins.

If the children are from your mom’s first cousin, then these children will be your second cousins. Similarly, if these children are from your mom’s second cousin then they will be your third cousins. But however normally we do not use slang words like second cousin or third cousin. Even for distant relatives we use the general term “cousin”, for everyone. Second cousin or third cousins are formal words while cousin is an informal word.

What is my parent’s cousin to me?

The cousins of your parents are your first cousins removed once. As we know that all first cousins share a common ancestor that can either be on the mother side, and can also be on the father side.

Once removed, the other depicts that the grandparents are not from the same generation. It doesn’t matter what your age is, you are one generation away from the cousins of your parents.

What is my child’s relationship with my cousin’s children?

If you and your cousins are first cousins then your children will be first cousins to each other. On the other hand, if you and your cousins are second cousins then your children will also be second cousins to each other.

Second cousins share great grandparents with each other while the first cousins share a grandparent.

What do I call my cousin’s child?

Your cousin’s children are your first cousins once removed. On the other hand, the same children of your cousin will be second cousins to your children.

So how do you address your cousin’s children? Well there are proper terms like “nephews”, and “nieces”, but from a genealogical perspective it’s not that simple. They are in fact your first cousins once removed. These children will address you by the names of aunt and uncles respective of your gender.

What is my dad’s cousin to me?

Your dad’s cousin will be first cousin to your dad but what is their relation with your children? You probably will call your dad’s cousin as your uncle but what is the actual relation of your dad’s cousin with you?

So, from a genealogy point of view your dad’s cousin is your first cousin removed once. Similarly, the children of your father’s cousin will be your second cousins.

As you can see, the first cousins of your parents are actually the children of your parent’s aunts and uncles. So keeping that in mind the children of your dad’s cousin will be your second cousins.

Cousin's Children Relationship

What is my dad’s first cousin to me?

Having a big family can be a pain in the head while you try to figure out all the relations. This is what we refer to as a nuclear family. When there are so much grand, and great-grandparents involved, anyone can get confused.

So what is your dad’s first cousin to you? Your dad’s first cousin is your uncle and aunt. With these aunts, and uncles you also consider their spouses.

One thing is that you do not always have to be related by blood to someone to share a relationship. For example, the husband of your mother’s sister is not your uncle-in-law but he is simply your uncle.

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