Ending A Friendship

Best 10 Way’s Ending A Friendship Updated 2022

Ending a friendship

Friendship is one of the world’s best relationships created by humans in which the other person belongs to you without having any blood relation. Friendships are beyond money, race, beauty, but they connect from one heart to another. However, sometimes certain events occur in our lives, and we have to lose our friends over them.

Ending a friendship with a narcissist

Who is a narcissist?

Such people are always fond of admiring themselves and think that the world revolves around them only and the entire universe is interested in them. They are attention seekers and always keep on praising themselves for no reason.

Influence of narcissist on one’s personality

Such people are experts in making others feel less about themselves, which lowers their self-esteem, and some might lose confidence in themselves for the rest of their lives. One loses his motivation and will to progress in life.

How to end a friendship with them?

A narcissist will always blame you for doing this, but no one deserves to be treated in such a way that he loses his confidence because of someone else.

Address your issues 

The better way is to address your concerns and make them understand how you feel when they do their thing. But if the other person is unwilling to make improvements, it’s better to part your ways on good terms.

Try to change your schedule and ultimately avoid them more often and tell them that you have a different goal set and you can not carry on with this friendship anymore. Tell them that you will be there for them when needed, but it will not be the same.

Ending a friendship without explanation

Not everyone in this world deserves our time, energy, and feelings. Sometimes we are running after people who never belonged to us and have no emotional attachment with us.

Ignoring the red flags 

Sometimes, we get too blind to ignore every red flag that we refuse to accept the reality, but when certain events happen, and we open our eyes, the vision gets clear, and we get to know how ordinary the other person was.

Stubborn nature  

Some people don’t leave us a choice of explaining ourselves to them and make ways; they will never understand and will never try to improve the bond. They will only blame you in the end. Therefore, it is okay to leave someone who is not worth keeping without explanation.

Ending a friendship with someone you love

It is not easy to leave someone who is the love of your life. However, love has to be mutual. Otherwise, it hurts one a lot and can destroy one’s entire life.

Tell your feelings to the other person.

It’s better to tell the other person about your feelings rather than keeping them to yourself. But, of course, it will be of no good, and nothing will come out of it. But if you don’t feel like going on further, it’s better to end it as soon as possible. Because the sooner you will complete it, the less it will hurt you.

Ending A Friendship

Tips to end up a friendship with a person you love

Following are the information that would help you in ending your company with a person you love

  1. Be thankful to the person
  2. Get a clear statement
  3. Don’t give mixed signals
  4. Be responsible for your doing 
  5. Do not involve other people as mutual friends or family

Ending a friendship over text

Mobiles phones

Mobile phones are the greatest invention of science. They have helped us in making our life easier. They have helped us to connect with our loved ones, even from different regions of the world.

But sometimes, it has also aided in ending some toxic relationships and helped us not get into a challenging moment physically.

Texts for ending friendships

It’s hard for a person to end a beautiful relationship like friendship, but sometimes, it’s better to leave each other rather than complicating it more.

  1. Here are a few texts to end your friendship over texts.
  2. I’m sorry I couldn’t meet you in person but.
  3. It’s better to end it here rather than facing each other
  4. It will be more problematic when it happens face to face, so it’s better this way
  5. I think we should end it up over here

Ending a friendship on bad terms

Some people don’t leave us the option of sorting out things and getting to a better end. They are full of toxicity, and they spread it all around. They destroy you with every means and do not feel guilty about it.

Such people are not worth keeping, and you must get away from them as soon as possible. You should not think that if you end up on bad terms or good terms, your main motto should be getting away from them.

Ending a friendship with a married man

It would be best to understand your limits and boundaries when working in society; you must not open up yourself in front of everyone.  Some people are supposed to be kept away, especially when they have their family to take care of for the rest of their lives. No matter how pure your intentions are, if your friendship affects someone’s family and marital life, you are nothing but a homewrecker.

You should maintain a distance from such people, and even if they are not willing to end your friendship, help them set their priorities and help them become good people.

Ending a friendship after ten years

Occasionally, friendships become challenging and sour, and it gets a little challenging to get along. 

Development of personalities while growing up

We develop different personalities as we grow up, sometimes we contradict our childhood friends, resulting in ending our friendship with them. But you don’t need to be rude while ending it. Instead, you can complete it on good terms and assure each other to help out in the future if needed.

Ending a friendship after rejection

Rejections are usually heartbreaking and demotivating. But we should support the idea of an individual’s choice of keeping people. We don’t need to be in every kind of people’s good book.  We can never be suitable for everyone at a single time, and that’s completely fine. However, we should not take rejection personally.

Ways to encounter rejection and its after-effects

Following are the methods which can help you end a friendship after rejection 

  1. It would be best if you respected the other person’s decision
  2. Accept the fact that you can never be perfect for everyone
  3. It is not compulsory for everyone to like you
  4. You have your personality which differs from a lot of people
  5. It would help if you moved on 
  6. You should not take it personally and make it an ego issue

Ending an abusive friendship

It’s not simple to get out of an abusive friendship; people will always ask you to leave and get away. But only you know how hard it is for one to get out of anything like that.

Always remember

It will be challenging for you to end your friendship with an abusive person. That person might blackmail you, emotionally but always remember that you don’t deserve that.

  1.  You are way more than that
  2.  You deserve happiness as everyone else does.
  3. You are not the culprit and are not responsible for anyone’s abusive behavior.
  4. You deserve respect, and it has to be mutual

Ending a friendship with borderline personality

  1. It is pretty tricky to deal with borderline personality, but here are a few tips to help one.
  2. You should set the boundaries and when they cross those boundaries, ask them to stop.
  3. Never give hints to such people, be very clear in your stance
  4. It would be best if you did not blame yourself. Tell them their flaws so that they can do something about it
  5. Never get afraid of getting out of it; no one deserves toxicity

Ending friendship with your ex

One should never contact a person who was in a relationship with them in the past because the idea of ‘being friends only’ is completely insane. You can never get rid of those romantic and loving feelings until you are completely separate from that person.

Ways to end a friendship with your ex

  1. Explain yourself and your position to the other person.
  2. Talk about it and listen to him whatever he says.
  3. Please don’t go to a date with him named lunch talk or coffee time
  4. Meet him in a crowded area or place 
  5. Avoid isolation and being alone with him
  6. Stay firm in your words 

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