Best 20 Father Child Relationship Facts, Updated 2022

Father Child Relationship

The father-child relationship is overwhelming, and it is a significant responsibility at the same time as well. Unfortunately, most fathers underestimate their power, and they do not actively shower their love on their children. However, fathers who are emotionally available to their children lead to their social and cognitive development.

Emotionally available father leads to developing children who are confident, are capable of making their own decisions, and can show their potential to the maximum. That is why it is crucial to start bonding with your child, let it be a girl or a boy, as soon as he or she is born. Why? Because you are connecting with them at a deeper level which will create a long-lasting effect for years.

Father child relationship after divorce

According to statistics, almost fifty percent of the population of U.S children face the tremendous burden of their parent’s divorces. Unfortunately, that also explains that these children also have to face the saddening events of their “Parents-breakup.” Unfortunately, the figures are terrifying, but still, it’s a reality that one in ten children experience the heart-wrenching event of their parent’s separation.

Growing with divorced parents leads to less exposure with them. It means such children will not have a standard, loving bond with their parents as they used to have with them initially. 

High divorced rates exploit the child’s well-being both emotionally and physically. The mental stress drains the child, and consequently, he is unable to perform socially, academically and suffers from poor health.

Father Child Relationship

Issues related to children of divorced parents:

  1. Children become distant: As we all know, after the separation, only one parent can claim the child’s custody, and hence the other partner does not get to have his children. Though, co-parenting is getting famous in this era, where the child spends equal time with both of the parents. But when the child is in growing ages, he may attach himself to one parent and may grow distant from the other.
  2. Little to no respect: As children of divorced parents usually grow up while seeing their parents fighting, they eventually lose respect for them. Growing children need their parents, and when parents are fighting and ending up in divorces, their children are emotionally scarred forever. They see their parents as irresponsible, greedy, and low-tempered.
  3. Children lose affinity for intimacy: Parents are an inspiration for their children in every way. Similarly, children also look up to their parents as a couple, and when they see their parents have no respect and love for each other. The children start to run away from the concept of love, marriage, and responsibility.

Prove father child relationship

To prove a father-child relationship, it is enough to have a biological certificate. The certificate provides enough evidence to prove that if a male person is a father to a child.

The birth or biological certificate includes information like the name of both children and the father, their blood groups. The name and blood group of the mother and the hospital in which the baby is born, the time the baby is born. The above information usually is enough to prove a relationship between a child and the father.

Father Child relationship psychology

If you can control your anger while being stuck in traffic, then be thankful to your patient father, who inspired and taught you to be like this. A firm relationship between the father and the children sets an example for the children, and they can be effective at managing stress and other emotions in their adult lives.

According to psychologists, a prominent observation in the father-child relationships is that fathers tend to tame their children like objects. Hence, they fail to understand that their children are not animals and humans.

Usually, we see that a father-child or a parent-child relationship is a one-way thing. But the thing is, as the parents affect the mental health of their children. Similarly, the children also have a prominent effect on their parents’ health.

According to the research, those parents who have successful children are known to have better mental health than the parents who struggle with their lives.

Importance of father in child development

Remember one thing that a child does not ask to be born, and you are the one who brought him into the world. They don’t owe you anything, but you owe them the world. So, the role of a father is of utmost importance in the child’s life.

Following are the things which you can do to develop a strong bond with your children:

  1. Spend maximum time with your children, feed them, play with them, bathe them, tell them bedtime stories, make physical contact with them. You can do it by keeping them close to your chest.
  2. Organize play activities for them to develop their cognition.
  3. Please show them your affection by being there when they need you.
  4. Let your children feel that you are proud of them in front of others. The simple thing to do is to share their successes in your friend circle and admire them personally, too.

Actively participating in your child’s life does not only help you to develop a strong relationship with your children and your partner as well. Booking a babysitter, choosing the best school, using your leisure time to spend with your baby are the new romantic gestures.

How to end a relationship with your child’s father?

Even though you had the perfect relationship with your spouse, some relationships are meant to end. Unfortunately, ending these relationships can negatively affect your children’s health both physically and mentally.

Signs like alcohol addiction, violence, abuse, and toxic abuse usually result in terminating a relationship. However, it is not your responsibility to rectify these signs in your partner, and you are allowed to live a healthy and free life.

However, you can smoothen up this transition for yours from a couple to a single parent so that you do not disturb the mental health of your children.

Discuss the custody of the child and his living

Considering your partner to be abusive, you would want yourself to be in your child’s custody. But as a matter of fact, he is the child’s blood-related father, and he still has the right to claim for the child. So you can either settle this matter personally, and you can contact the court as well.

If you get your child’s custody, you should consider the factors in advance of how you will arrange the finances. For example, if you currently have a boyfriend and contribute to your home’s financial stability, you still have to consider the fact that he may leave. If he does that, it is best to share the child equally three or four days a week.

Father Child Relationship

How to have a good relationship with your child’s father?

Parent separation or divorces are like a bitter sip, but yet sometimes they are inevitable. But being parents, you should realize that your child should not suffer if you can’t work things out with each other. You can do this by maintaining a good, healthy, and friendly relationship with your child’s father.

Having a cooperative and conflict-resolving approach with your partner resolves issues with your children as well. Consider your child as a connecting bridge to both of your homes. Whenever the child is in the father’s or mother’s presence, both of them should be very observant about the things they say about each other in front of their children. 

Take a deep breath, and sip in your words. Because your child may not need to hear those sentences about her mother and father, you will also feel much better if you don’t say them.

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