How to Get Your Girlfriend to Love You

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Love You? Updated 2022

How to get your girlfriend to love you?

We see that you probably are in a relationship and take your relationship to the next best level. And, that is why you want to learn about “How to get your girlfriend to love you?” But, for that, you have to stop being an ordinary boyfriend and start to be extraordinary. It needs struggle, attention, and too much care.

I have gathered some points which you can use to take your relationship from “you & me” to “Us.” Don’t worry, it’s a process, and surely it will take time, but you will get there, where your girlfriend can be only yours.

  1. Listen except for hearing: It is a very important thing in a relationship to truly understand what your partner is saying. If you do not heed what your girlfriend is saying, you ignore her and do not pay enough attention. 
  2. Make her feel connected: How to get your girlfriend to you involves a lot of steps. You have to make sure that you are present with her physically and mentally, and don’t just hang in there. Ensure her about your interest and participation. For example, do not say “I am fine” when she asks you about how your day was. Instead, reply with warmth, saying: Yeah! It was good we had a lot of fun”. 
  3. Please do not leave her when she needs you: This is crucial to understand that leaving a terrible situation will not solve it. That is why do not run away from your mistakes. Instead, face them and try to satisfy her that it won’t happen again. 
  4. Try to do something special once a week: It’s essential to timely reinforce the love and spark, and for that, I recommend you to go for dinner, or a late-night walk, or for a picnic once a week. 

How to get your girlfriend to love you again?

It’s never too late to find that long-lost love that once you and your girlfriend had. But, to find that again, you have to struggle, and it will not be easy. So be prepared for some hard work:

It is okay to have rough times in your relationships, ups and downs, probably you both do not have that zeal and passion you had initially in your relationship. It’s okay. We always have been there, but the important thing is that we now have to step our game to get back in form. 

  1. Bring light to the issues: communicate with your girlfriend what were the reasons that led us to a breakup. Then, assure her how you are going to work on those mistakes. Ask her what has been on her mind from previous days? What is bothering her? In this way, you can also open up yourself, and you can collectively come up with a solution. 
  2. Effective communication: Remember it cannot always be your fault, and that is why it’s essential to communicate both ways and tell her how you feel about a certain thing. If she says that she doesn’t feel connected to you, tell her that this thing bothers you too. In this way, you are allowing her a chance to explain herself. And she can tell what is bothering her too. 
  3. Work on your looks: When you are in a long-term relationship, it’s easy for you to chill about your appearance and looks. But that is where you are wrong. Remember that everyone loves good looks. It may not matter to people when they are in a relationship, but looking good plays an important part in maintaining the attraction, and it keeps the flame burning. So, if you have gained a lot of weight recently, or you didn’t spend enough time taking care of your physical appearance, then it’s time to work on that if you want to get your girlfriend to love you again
  4. Date nights work for everyone: One of the prominent reasons for breakups is, people get too consumed in their work-life or daily routine. So, that they forget to take out time, sit back, and spice things up with their partner. It is the main reason why your partner feels distant from you or not attracted to you. It’s crucial to give your partner the attention that they deserve. 

How to get your girlfriend to love you

How to get your girlfriend to love you more? 

If you want to keep things heated and romantic with your partner, it means you are looking for a long-term relationship. That’s good, but it can get difficult to pass the time, so if you want to know how to keep the spark alive in your relationship and how to love your partner passionately. Then it’s the right time to think about how to get your girlfriend to love you again. 

  1. Always be who you are: A relationship is only worth it if it makes the most of you. Suppose you are pretending to be someone and are not happy in doing that. Then, that relationship is not worth a chance. Because eventually you will get tired of all the acting, and maybe your girlfriend will not love the real you. Because he fell in love with the person who you used to be. So be open and highly communicative. 
  2. Always appreciate her: Don’t just compliment her on her good things like appearance or other things which are just too obvious. Instead, look for her strengths and compliment her upon the things she loves and work hard for them. Compliments like “You are always there for me, and I would like to Thank you for it.” are very precious to girlfriends. 
  3. Always be soft and kind: Just like when you return a smile to a stranger or leave the seat for the elderly, your relationship requires this similar behavior too. Practicing things like making her breakfast, listening to her carefully, don’t reacting in a fight will take your relationship to the next level. 
  4. Be respectful: By respecting I mean, respecting her private life, social circle, and work-life. Though you are a very important person in her life, she still has her own life too. So, if you become too needy or too demanding in your relationship, she will back out. Try to value her feelings, emotions, and opinions. 

How to get your girlfriend to say I love you? 

Saying I love you to the most special person in your life gets hard sometimes. Though it is important to let the other person know how you feel about them, it can become a little tricky. Once you know the complete personality of your partner, saying ‘I love you’ does not remain too hard. 

These are some beautiful sentences that can kick start the conversation while expressing your emotions to your better half. 

  1. I loved you to the moon and then back. 
  2. We are perfect for each other like pieces of a puzzle. 
  3. In all my life, you are the most precious to me. 
  4. It is still hard to believe that I am so lucky to have you. 
  5. With you, I feel like the most damn lucky person on earth. 
  6. You are not just beautiful, but you are a very good person at heart too. 
  7. I am all yours forever. 
  8. For that smile, I can do anything. 
  9. My heart melts when you smile. 
  10. You are the only person who can make me feel this way. 
  11. I can still feel your presence even when you are not around. 

Some romantic activities which you can do before saying ‘i love you 

  • Set up a date for a spa. 
  • Go to a romantic dinner
  • Do some adventurous things like hot air balloon rides. 
  • Make a gift by yourself. 
  • Cuddle up before the fire. 
  • Snuggle in the bed and get cozy. 
  • Play her favorite song. 
  • Send her a loving poem. 

How to make your ex-girlfriend love you again? 

Following are the ways to conquer your ex back:

  • Arrange a meet-up with her again, like brunch or dinner. 
  • Don’t get too over-confident and be patient. 
  • Stress on the good things that happened to both of you when you were in a relationship. 
  • Please do not make it obvious in the beginning that you want to get back. Start being friends. 
  • Ask her about her daily routine, preferences, and opinions. 
  • Leap technology and start connecting with her through different social media platforms. 
  • Praise about little things and make her feel that she is important. 
  • Groom yourself and begin working on your appearance and looks. 
  • Be passionate about your dream job in front of her because that’s attractive. 
  • Change yourself and let her know that the change has been positive. 
  • Listen to her carefully. 

How to get your girlfriend to love you more on the phone? 

  1. Don’t be obvious, be a little hideous about the subject and give little hints. 
  2. Be gentle to her while talking, don’t use harsh words. 
  3. Do not be angry if she cannot reply to you at the moment. 
  4. Never react on the phone instantly. 
  5. Do video calls daily at night 
  6. You can make virtual dinners and movies to create a better bond with your better half. 
  7. Even if you are doing a simple video call, it’s essential to dress up nicely.

How to get your girlfriend to love you

How to make your girlfriend love you more in a long-distance relationship?

  1. Stay active on the phone and do not ignore the person present on the other side of the screen.
  2. Do not reply too late, or else it will look like you are ignoring your partner.
  3. Plan date nights on video calls where you can make dinner together or can watch a movie together.
  4. Always send your snaps every day to make them aware of your daily activities.
  5. Don’t miss the phone calls, and keep your phone in your reach all the time.
  6. Send gifts to her or a package of things that she needs.
  7. Make surprise visits.
  8. Plan your next visit in advance so that you can stick around your schedule according to it.

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