How to love someone

Best 20 Way’s How to love someone?

How to love someone?

Love is one of the most beautiful experiences one can ever have. Still, it is like playing with fire. Not everyone in this world is lucky enough to experience true love in their lives, And if you are one of those few random people that have found their soulmates, then hold onto them tight. And, whenever you feel like how to love them more? Or how to love someone then? People like us are here to help you.

When you love someone, you always feel a thrush to make them happy or do extraordinary things. But in the process, we may get lost and ask ourselves how? Sometimes the people we love or those who love us can demand specific ways of love from us. We may not recognize them, and that leads to disparity and distance. So how to love someone?

  • Listening is the most important thing when it comes to love. Genuinely listening to someone means not listening to the words coming from their mouth but also understanding the indirect meanings of their words. It is a form of respecting someone and a genuine gesture of love.
  • Talking! Yes, most of the time, our partners just want to engage with us, and we don’t realize it. Smiling in a conversation, sharing your opinions about a particular discussion is the actual engagement. While talking to your partner, you have to be there both physically and mentally.
  • Expressing gratitude: According to research, gratitude helps any relationship in tremendously beneficial ways, including romantic ones. By expressing gratitude, we mean to thank them not for the things they do for you but also for who they are. Such kind of appreciation is not demanded directly, and when you do it without asking, it means so much to the other person.
  • Making a connection with your partner: How to connect with your partner? Most people say that they talk with their partners, but they fail to communicate with them. That is because you do not take an interest in what is happening in their daily lives. When you know for what goal they are thriving day and night, why they are happy, sad, or angry, that is when you develop a connection with your partner. Going on fancy dates cannot help in this regard.

How to love someone with abandonment issues?

Abandonment is a word that no one wants to experience. But, yet some people have suffered from this ignorance in their past relationships. People who suffer from emotional instability are mainly those who have been in an abusive relationship, suffered the loss of their loved one, being poor, and whatnot. Such a lifestyle can surely make your personality bitter, and you may have trust issues.

Now, if you are in a relationship with such a person who has abandonment issues, you may have to do some extra homework to make your relationship a healthy one. Do the following to love someone having such type of personality:

  • Open communication is key to a healthy relationship with such a person. Why? Because if a person feels abandoned, he is not aware of how you feel in this relationship. He may assume that you are not happy and you are going to end this. In this illusion, these people complete the relationship way before you do, So be clear about how you feel from the beginning.
  • You can’t force them into something. Sometimes, people who have suffered in the past are not ready to be vulnerable in front of others, and they also feel difficulty communicating too. So, you have to make your partner comfortable by talking and listening to them.
  • Do not try to engage in repeated conversations. People having abandonment issues usually want constant attention, and when you stop doing that, they come up to you saying things like: I know you just pity me, Or I know my worth.” That is their reflexive technique which they have learned from their previous abusive relationships. So, you have to understand the difference between babysitting and loving.

How to love someone

How to love someone with depression?

When your partner suffers from depression, it can affect your whole relationship. You may think that it’s not a big deal, and you may focus on their other positive aspects like a taste for art, sense of humor, their personality. 

That is actually great because the mental health of your partner does not define your relationship. But, still, it can affect your relationship negatively if you don’t take preventive measures.

You may try to help them, and that’s good too, but remember you cannot drain yourself in the process because depression does not go out entirely from a person’s life.

Before treating your partner’s depression, you have to understand what depression actually is. Some people describe it as a prolonged state of anxiousness, the cloud of nothingness, hopelessness, etc.

A depressed person may look like an average person like you; they don’t need to show them if they are struggling from these negative feelings. 

That is why the most effective way to be there for a depressed person is to explain to them how they can feel light by sharing their thoughts. You can tell your partner that you will always be there for them.

No matter what kind of feelings and thoughts affect them, it’s essential to understand them and make them positively interpret those feelings, and take them out of that depressed state.

Gestures like “I’m listening,” “You can tell me anything I won’t judge,” really helps to open up the barrier that comes between communication.

How to love someone with anxiety?

Anxiety is not a small thing, and if your partner suffers from it, then it’s going to affect it. Of course, every relationship faces ups and downs but being in a relationship with an anxious person means, at one time, you are at the moon and then back at the ground. So how to deal with it?

In order to decode the anxious ups and downs, you have to be very understanding. It’s the only way to make them bearable. You have to understand what your partner is going through at a deeper level.

How to love someone with bipolar?

People suffering from bipolar diseases can have drastic shifts in moods, making their relationships suffer. For example, a bipolar person at times feels too energetic that he wants to go out and do adventurous things, while at other times, he feels too low, sad, and depressed.

In addition to medications and psychotherapy, your partner plays an essential role in your treatment too. So what can you do if you are bipolar to make your relationships romantic and healthy?

  1. Communicate that you are bipolar at the beginning of your relationship, to be precise.
  2. Make your partner aware of your treatment so that they can help you to stick at it.
  3. Always keep the bridge of communication open at all costs.
  4. Always be honest about your feelings and thoughts.

How to love someone with words of affirmation?

  1. Communicate your feelings with your partner repeatedly.
  2. If it is difficult for you to say it out loud, you can use pen and paper and express your feelings in the written format.
  3. Words play a significant role, so be aware that you are using warm, romantic, and optimistic comments.
  4. Do not pretend to be someone else while expressing your feelings. Always be genuine. Your true personality should reflect in your words.
  5. Do some homework, understand what kind of romantic communication your partner prefers, and do it in that way.
  6. Sometimes traditional things don’t work, so be creative and try to do something out of the box, like making your partner a personalized gift.
  7. Never be afraid of communication.

How to love someone truly?

  1. Be kind and affectionate; these two are the most important and influential ways of expressing love.
  2. Always be present for your special one.
  3. Try to make eye contact more often. It helps in making connections.
  4. Try vintage ways if your partner prefers.
  5. Don’t always be classic. Keep painting your relationship in modern terms now and then.

How to love someone again after they hurt you?

Forgive yourself and the other person too. At times, we develop such illogical explanations for what happened to us in the past that we start to blame ourselves. Avoid such behavior. If you are letting the same person again bond with you, you must trust yourself and him both in the process.

How to love someone again after losing feelings?

If you have loved someone but now you feel like that you don’t love them anymore. So, don’t worry, such things happen with most couples in relationships. The thing is, you are in a relationship with that person only because you loved them initially, which means that spark is still there. It is not just burning at the same pace. What to do?

  1. Try to look at the positive sides of your partner and how these positive aspects affected your relationship in a healthy manner.
  2. Be forgiving and do not get too rigid because no one is perfect.
  3. Be affectionate in your behavior.
  4. Repat those things that remind you of romantic times.

How to love someone and let them go?

If you love someone, they don’t have to be going to love you back. You can do anything, but you cannot force a single soul on this planet to love you if they don’t have feelings for you. So, you have to be a bigger person in this regard and let them go. But, sooner or later, you will find a person that was waiting for you.

How to love someone

How to love someone as a friend?

We all have multiple friends on which we have a crush. But they don’t like us back. In most cases, when people express their feelings to such persons, they become distant, and they end up ruining their friendship. So, if you know that there is no spark between you, you should go for a healthy friendship bond with your crush instead of expressing your feelings.

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