How to Survive Financially as a Single Parent

How to survive financially as a single parent?

Being a single parent is very tough, particularly if you are doing it all on your own. Money can become a hurdle in your parenting and can cause frustration. After all, there is only you managing all expenses of your child and yourself in only income. So, how do you survive financially as a single parent?

And, what if somehow you can’t earn for some time? It is essential to understand and manage finances with a child so that you can fulfill all of your desires and goals with your children.

If you are a single parent and also a mother, then it is probable that you will be awarded as the child-bearer, which is great. Because in this way, you can spend much more time with your kid and prepare them for the world, but it can be a pain in the back if you don’t have enough money.

Different factors can make you worry about your finances, particularly if the second parent does not care much. Your kids are your whole world, and hence they depend on you for their needs.

That is why it is very important to plan in terms of finances before you worry about it so that you can enjoy your life with your kids in a balanced way.

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How do single mothers survive financially?

Being a single mum is hectic; managing your daily life with kids, managing their tantrums, your social life, and your work-life can be complex. But, if you do it right, you can work all things while remaining on a budget.

For doing it, the most important thing to do is planning your budget, aka finances. Trust us, planning your budget helps a lot. In this way, you can keep track of how and where you are spending more or less. So, you can adjust them by having a close look at them.

You can follow the proper schedule to track your costs:

  1. Analyze your fixed costs: First, take a look at your fixed costs which you have to pay no matter what. It can include your rent, school, and home bills, etc.
  2. Look what is extra: See what you do not need in your life. What expenses can be minimized while you and your kid can still enjoy a good life? It can include that forgotten gym membership etc.
  3. Please take a look at your essentials: See what is a must-have in your list. It can include items of daily usage like groceries and childcare staff.
  4. Add up all your expenses and see what the total is and compare it with your budget.
  5. Now subtract this amount from your income so you can see what you can save monthly.
  6. If you want to have a weekly budget, you can divide this subtracted amount by 4.
  7. In addition, you can also use an application to track your spending’s.

How to survive as a single mom?

Even after planning all of your budgets, what to do if you have very little leftover or savings? Do not worry; there is nothing in this world that cannot be managed. Follow these simple steps to survive successfully as a single mom:

  1. What can you do to minimize your bills? Look at the spending of your accounts and analyze if there are some cheap alternatives—for example, the broadband network, the cable network, etc.
  2. Analyze your yearly transactions: Always look where you are spending your money. You can do this weekly or monthly and then at the end of the year, and you can learn your expenditure pattern. In this way, you can see where you are spending more and how you can minimize it.
  3. Think about saving: I know it sounds hard, but it is not. You have to look at the alternatives. For example, you can do this by cooking at home, opting for shopping when sales are on specific brands.
  4. You can split up your bills: You can do this by easily pairing up with another single parent; in that way, you can easily save. For example, one picking up from schools, taking them to adventure lands, etc.

How to Survive Financially as a Single Parent

Building wealth is a single mom

One of the most common feelings that prevail in single moms is “Fear”, either you have too much wealth or have nothing. Therefore, every mother once thinks about what she will do for her children’s future in terms of finances.

It is okay to plan your budget, but what for emergencies? What if you get a serious unwanted disease or one of your children? What about the calamities and sudden catastrophes. One has to think for their future, particularly when you are a single mom because it cannot always be just “hand to mouth.”

You can save your wealth for the future by following these procedures in your daily life:

  1. Organize all your assets and analyze what your liabilities for the next ten years are.
  2. Set your goals and see what you already have financially for these resources.
  3. If you see that you cannot achieve your goals in your current budgets, minimize your expenditures.
  4. Start looking for options that will pay off for your child and your future—for example, investing in insurances and saving programs.

Single mom Starting over low income

Planning and budgeting your income is financially healthy because one can track down their expenditures and look for the alternatives they can save. 

Being hand to mouth, even if you have a low income, is not an option. You have to secure your and your children’s future in order to do that, you have to take some necessary steps.

  1. No matter what amount you earn, it is always best to save. You should keep at least 20% of your income every month.
  2. Never get attracted to your savings and save them for rainy days.
  3. If you face an emergency in which you lose all of your savings, always do extra work and extra shifts to get your savings to account on track.
  4. Even at your lowest, do not use credit cards and loans if you have no surety that you can payback.
  5. Look for quality-oriented medical insurances so that you’re not spending your savings on your medical concerns.
  6. Always do insurance, either it’s your house, car, or even if it’s your life.
  7. Do not always look for new appliances when you can have a repair cover for them—for example, your boiling machine or your dispenser.

How do single mothers survive financially UK

As a single parent, particularly being a single mother, we can understand the financial grind. But remember, it is not impossible to manage your expenses and income even if you don’t earn much.

When you are in a relationship, you and your partner mutually contribute towards finances, and when you split up, the whole burden is on one parent. So, you have to plan to minimize any misadventures.

  1. Check your bills and see if you are opting for the best and the cheapest option.
  2. See what and how are you spending your money in a week? It will help you see if you are spending on any useless thing.
  3. Make a budget limit for every week and try to be within that limit not to overspend.
  4. Always save! Saving is the key to a prosperous future. Set an amount from your income which you have to keep every time you receive your salary. Ideally, this amount should be 20%, but you can start with as much amount as you want.

Monthly budget for single mom

As a single mom, the whole responsibility of your family is on your shoulders. That is why it is very necessary to analyze your income and make a planned monthly budget.

A monthly budget helps you in a lot of ways. First, they keep you on a track, and it lets you spend wisely and efficiently. You can easily do this even if you are bad at mathematics. You just need a pen, a calculator, and some time.

Following should be the parameters for a single mom while devising a monthly budget:

  1. House expenses 30%
  2. Groceries 12%
  3. Insurance 4%
  4. Recreation 10%
  5. Savings 10%
  6. Medial 5%
  7. Child expenses 5%

How to be a wealthy single mom?

All moms can reach a point where they feel guilty of not being enough or they are not fulfilling their child’s needs in the true sense. Do not worry. Every single parent faces hard times, but it’s temporary.

Managing your finances and being passionate about a certain position is the thing that will keep you thriving. Being managing helps your children too to be contained in their lives.

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