Lonely In Marriage

Lonely In Marriage || Things to do when feeling lonely

Lonely In Marriage 

Marriage is a union of two people by legal means. They connect for their entire lives and are bound to stay together. Marriage is a beautiful relationship that opens the door of love, courage, and wisdom for two people. In addition, it creates a sense of responsibility among two people to take care of each other under every circumstance. 

Lonely in marriage what to do

Usually, people feel lonely in marriage, either because of the lack of emotional attachment with their partner or their higher expectations. But one has to get himself out of it. Otherwise, it will consume a lot of you, and you won’t do anything properly.

Things to do when feeling lonely

Every person should never get off the improvement track. However, it’s no shame if you find yourself in misery and want to do something about it. So here are a few things which can help you.

  1. Start to live every moment you have got rather than sympathizing with yourself.
  2. Pick a hobby
  3. Have gatherings at your place, invite your family and friends
  4. Be focused on your career
  5. Think of starting a family and have babies
  6. Take care of your health 
  7. Communicate with your partner

Lonely marriage after the baby

Some people think that having a baby will reduce their loneliness, and in most cases, it does. But there are also those people who get even lonelier after having a baby. 


A baby is a huge responsibility, and the workload gets doubled. Some people get even more lonely after having a baby as their partner has to work more to earn better. And sometimes, this cycle leads to leaving your wife alone with your child.

Lonely in marriage affair

Cheating your spouse

Nothing in this world justifies cheating your partner. You have to be inhumane to do such an act and break your partner’s trust. It’s never okay to have an affair while being married to someone.

Address your concerns

You should address your concerns and issues to your partner and try to get a solution out of it rather than leaving a mess behind and kicking off a new start. Communication has always been beneficial and has always shown up positive outcomes.

Lonely In Marriage

Lonely in an abusive marriage

Survivors of an abusive marriage 

Feeling lonely is a part of live, and every human experiences it. But some people face a hard time because apart from fighting with their loneliness, they have to survive in an abusive relationship.

The decision to leave the abuser

Sometimes it is difficult to leave your partner even if he is an abuser because you are emotionally attached to him, but you should understand that nothing will change him.

False hopes from your abuser

If you hope that your love and devotion towards relationships will change his abusive personality, you are wrong. He will never change himself until he realizes his fault himself. Your help can only aid in the progress if the other person is willing to bring a change.

Ways to escape an abusive marriage

Following are the ways to escape out of an abusive marriage 

  1. Contact your lawyer and tell him your position in your position
  2. Try to shoot a video as an evidence 
  3. Memorize the contact list or a few critical people
  4. Make a witness 

Is it normal to be lonely in a marriage?

Mutual responsibilities

Marriage is never a single person’s responsibility, and it has to be mutual. You can not put the entire burden on one person to carry the relationship. Love, respect, understanding, care; hence, everything has to be mutual. Otherwise, there is no point in being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t care about your feelings.

Reason for feeling lonely

Some people do not admit that they are not available for their spouses. Instead, blame the other person for not doing his job correctly. Such people with sick mentalities do not deserve anyone’s energy, and it’s better to leave them rather than hurting yourself for no reason. Such people make their spouses feel lonely and are not even sorry about it. 

Should one carry on like this, feeling lonely?

It is not normal to feel lonely in your marriage, your partner should never make you feel that way, and if he does, you should talk to him and tell him how you feel.

Suffering in silence

It will only get worse if you remain silent and do nothing about it. Rather than suffering in silence, get vocal and tell your partner that you don’t deserve such treatment and want to make things better. 

Putting in efforts

Putting in efforts from both sides will bring positive changes and will mend your bond with your partner. 

What is a loveless marriage?


Love is a beautiful feeling, and it fills a person with fun, joy, satisfaction, happiness, and calmness. It makes you feel worthy. It completes your identity, and everything around you seems to be perfect. Love brings positivity which one spreads all around.

Love marriage

Nothing is more beautiful than two people who loved each other, get married, and remain together for the rest of their lives. It connects them not only physically but also develops a connection of the soul. 

What if one does not feel love in marriage?

It gets a little complicated when love is not there, as it is the ultimate weapon of a healthy marriage. However, love is not about being romantic only. It demands respect also. 

Respect in marriage

You have to be respectful towards your partner and should support him under every circumstance. If a person is not feeling loved in his marriage, then both should sit together and resolve the issues.

Reasons for not feeling being loved

Following are the reasons for not feeling being loved 

  1. Higher expectations from your spouse
  2. Introvert nature
  3. Difficulty in expressing your emotions
  4. Lack of mutual respect
  5. Two might have a different mindset 
  6. Lack of confidence in your partner
  7. Busy routine
  8. Less interaction
  9. Past of one of the partner

Ways to develop love in your marriage

Following are the ways to help you develop love in your partner’s heart and make your marriage work.

  1. Communicate with each other
  2. Look beautiful, dress properly
  3. Do self-care
  4. Start with small things, as late-night talks, a cup of coffee together after a busy day.
  5. Try to know each other 
  6. Be supportive 
  7. Be respectful 
  8. Give your partner confidence in you 
  9. Let go of the past 
  10. Try to do things which your partner like
  11. Appreciate the efforts 
  12. Lower your expectations, give your partner a margin

Lonely In Marriage


Marriage is a beautiful relationship created by nature; get into it if you are ready to take the responsibility; otherwise, don’t ruin anyone’s life for the sake of your experience. Being ignorant towards your life partner will shatter the relationship and affect you and your partner to the deepest level that no one can help them afterward. So try not to hurt your partner.

 Do not make your partner regret the decision to get married to you. Instead, shower love and be respectful towards every relation of your life. Then, everything will automatically follow the right track. Nothing will go wrong, and your life will be happy. 

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