Best 10 Facts About Mother Child Relationship

Mother child relationship

A mother-child relationship is a very special and unique bond both for the mother and the child. This bond handles nurturing and growth. It develops the social and mental personality of the child. This association is enjoyable both by the mother and the child. It is responsible for a lot of decisions that the children will make in their adult life.

Describe mother child relationship?

There is no phrase in parenting that says “One size fits for all”.  The parents have to adapt and grow as their children adapt and grow. The learning process takes place on both ends. It is a very adventurous yet tough experience for a mother.

As soon as the mother conceives her child, she develops a bond with her child. This bond with her child develops way before a father does. The development of her baby for 9 months creates a very strong association of a mother with her children.

A mother is the prime caretaker of her children’s life. It includes his health education, social and mental development. A child looks at his mother as a mentor guiding through every aspect of his life. So, it is very important for a mother to share a healthy relationship with her children.

Enmeshed mother child relationship

Enmeshed mother and child relationship is a very typical one. In such relationships, the mother and children have confusion about their roles. This is not a healthy relationship which a mother should not share with her children.

In such a relationship, a mother depends on her children. This dependency can be both  emotional and physical. Thus, the mother becomes dependent on their children. She fulfils her own needs through her children. It can be very disturbing for the children in the long-run.

The mother usually feels depressed about her child’s situation in enmeshed relations. Instead of letting them solve their own problems, parents jump in. Teenage children do not like excessive meddling of parents in their affairs. That is why they end up having disputes and issues.

Proof of mother child relationship

It is usually enough to submit a biological certificate to prove a mother-child bond. It is known as a “Birth certificate”. This certificate mentions:

  1. The mother and father names of the child
  2. The hospital in which the child is born
  3. Time of birth, date, month, and year.

Such proofs are normally required by legal authorities. They provide evidence that the mother and the child are biologically related.

Mother child relationship

Codependent mother child relationship

A codependent  relationship is the one where the mother fulfils her emotional need through her children. She does this to feel whole and complete. In this the mother has excessive control over the child’s life. She tends to take every decision of her child’s  life on her own.

It is extremely toxic, and unhealthy for the children as they become incapable of thinking rationally, sorting out problems, and panicking in every single situation looking for their mother to take a decision for them. Such children are extremely unconfident, incumbent, and have low self-esteem.

Importance of mother child relationship

Having a healthy and nourishing relationship with your mother means you have a healthy relationship with yourself as well. Children who do justice to themselves are capable of communicating effectively. They are better at creating friends, connections, and links much faster than the other children.

Mentally healthy children are better at controlling their emotions, and are better at controlling themselves, and letting the negative energy go. A healthy child-mother relationship aids the children to have a healthy social, personal, and cognitive development.

What is the relationship between mother and child?

A relationship between a mother and child is known as “Maternal bond”. It develops right after the birth of the child.  And, also even during the nine months in which the mother carries the baby in her womb.

Though, the maternal bond is often associated with mother and the pregnancy, but it is not always the case. The maternal bond also develops when a parent adopts a child, which is not related to blood. So, It involves both physical and emotional factors to develop a maternal bond.

Why is a mother child relationship important?

A mother-child relationship is necessary for both parents as well as the children. The children look up to their parents as their mentors and their role models in different areas of lives. Parents who are unable to have a  healthy relationship with their children are irresponsible. So, the mental health of such children is always at stake.

A child nourishing in an unhealthy family will not have a healthy personality. By healthy personality we mean:

  1. Low self-confidence
  2. Introverted personalities
  3. Incapable of taking their decisions

And the list goes on.

So, it is very essential that a mother and her children share a very healthy and friendly relationship.

What is a parent-child relationship?

As it is evident from the name the “parent-child relationship” is a strong affiliation, and association that parents share with their children. It is a unique, passionate, beautiful yet complex bond that evolves as the children grow up and develop further relations like friends, marriage. The nature of the parent-child relationship changes drastically when the child himself becomes a father, and then there is a very fine line developed in this relationship.

To put simply, the parent-child relationship is the biological relationship between parents and children, and also the legal relationship shared by the parents to have the authority of a child.

What is a healthy relationship between a mother and child?

A healthy relationship between a mother and children is the one in which the child can have some boundaries with his mother. In a healthy relationship, a mother respects her child’s privacy, supports him in his life decisions, and plays a healthy part in his child’s life.  She does not get obsessed with her child and does not become over protective. She puts her trust in his child and builds confidence in him.

Mother and child relationship love affection

A child developing in a loving and affectionate family has prominent aspects in his personality which differentiates him from other children. Children having loving and confident parent usually are:

  1. Having self-confidence and high self-esteem
  2. Excellent academic performance
  3. Effective communication with parents and teachers
  4. Less psychological issues

Mother child relationship

Mother-child relationship points

  1. Mentally healthy children develop more secure bonds with their parents and peers.
  2. When in stress and troubles, such children are better. They are better at controlling their aggression and stress.
  3. Healthy relationships promote the healthy mental, cognitive, and social growth of the children.
  4. Responsible parenthood lets the children perform better. They perform excellent both in academics and in social life
  5. Most of the time due to strong bonds with their parents, children tend to learn more skills from their parents.

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