On Again Off Again Relationships Facts

On Again Off Again Relationships Facts Updated 2022

On Again Off Again Relationships

On and off again, relationships work on a repeating cycle in which the couple keeps on breaking up with each other and reconnecting after some time.

On again off again relationship toxic

These relationships are nothing but a toxic trap. You keep hurting yourself by allowing the same person to play with your feelings and then leave you alone.

Leaving the other person

People usually leave the other person shocked, stuck, and scared.

They do not understand that they shatter confidence in one’s themselves. As a result, the victims usually start settling for less than they deserve and have low self-esteem.

On again off again relationships success

Such relationships are only successful if one of the people decides to stay scared and quiet. They choose to remain silent because of the fear of breaking up. 

Lack of confidence

The victims do not feel confident about themselves and their relationships. As a result, they lack confidence in their partner and usually end up screwed.

On and off relationship for years

Repeating cycle

We know that such relationships repeat the same cycle, but sometimes it keeps on repeating itself for years. It happens because the people in such relationships do not understand what they want to do and where they are heading.

They leave each other for a specific period and then get back together. Such relationships not only affect the personalities but also have an evil influence on mental health.

Effects of on and off the relationship on mental health

Suffering in silence

People suffer a lot in silence. We never know the person sitting next to us in a normal state is going through something hard.  No one deserves rejection, or no one should feel that they don’t deserve love. But, unfortunately, such relationships make an average person a psychopath. 


Sometimes it affects the mental health of the people and creates disastrous outcomes. People may experience

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Panic attacks
  4. Insomnia
  5. Depression
  6. Hair loss
  7. Loss of appetite
  8. Low self-esteem 
  9. Overthinking
  10. Overdue pressure
  11. Lack of confidence
  12. Negative thoughts
  13. Suicidal thoughts
  14. Loss of hope
  15. Weight loss 
  16. Weight gain
  17. Develop introvert nature
  18. Cut off socially
  19. Do not progress in anything
  20. they prefer darkness over light
  21. Physical health jeopardize 

On Again Off Again Relationships

Do on again and off again relationships ever work out?

It is entirely insane to test a person again who has already failed you once. But sometimes, people do not see the red flags. 

Ignoring the red flags 

They ignore the red flags and give the other person multiple chances to rectify their mistake, hoping that it might work out. They refuse to listen if people around them try to tell them that they are doing wrong with themselves.

Reasons for giving multiple chances

A loyal and sincere person never leaves. He owns you under every circumstance. But if he fails you, again and again, you should take a moment and think about your relationship status.

Following are the reasons for giving multiple chances to the other person.

  1. Emotional attachment
  2. Fear 
  3. Loneliness
  4. The other person has a good reputation among your friends and family
  5. Nostalgic feeling
  6. Hoping for a positive change
  7. You still have feelings for them
  8. You can not share them with anyone else

How common are on and off again relationships?

Such relationships are pretty standard these days. Various studies show that about thirty to sixty percent of young dating adults have experienced this.

Reasons for on and off again relationships

Following are the reasons for on and off again relationships

  1. Past
  2. Communication barriers and issues
  3. Incompatible partners
  4. Lack of decision making power
  5. Challenges of life

What does an on and off again relationship mean?

It is not a normal relationship in which people stay together forever and ever. Instead, it keeps on a repeating cycle that connects two people for a certain period, and then they get separated from each other.

Lack of decision making power

Such relationships lack the decision-making power as out of the two or sometimes both do not know what they want. Therefore, they do not know how to get things done. 

Lack of communication

Lack of communication is another sign of misunderstandings in such relationships because whenever one wants to talk about something, the fear overcomes, and the point of discussion fades away.

Unable to address their concerns

They are unable to address their concerns to each other. They can not share their feelings if they get hurt. 

How do you get out of an on and off-again relationship?

It is not an easy task to leave someone you loved the most. But sometimes, our loved ones can be toxic. Their toxicity indulges into us and affects us in many ways. Therefore, it is best to get ourselves out of such relationships and follow the right path. 

Ways to get out of an on and off relationship

Following are the ways which can help you to get out of an on and off relationship

  1. Get yourself clear on what you want, and don’t overthink while making a decision.
  2. Be very clear with your choice and stay firm in your words
  3. Make sure that both of you agree on whatever you decide. Otherwise, the same cycle will repeat itself, and none of you will get out of it.
  4. You should identify the key issues.

Experts advise

Experts say that the following can help you get out of an on-and-off relationship and break the cycle.

  1. It would be best if you started to write a journal
  2. It would be best if you get rid of everything that makes you remind them
  3. Ask your friends and seek help from them
  4. Be very clear and rational
  5. Develop maturity
  6. Own your mistakes without any judgment

Is it healthy to have an on and off-again relationship?

Mental and physical health

No, it is not healthy to have an on and off-again relationship. It is toxic to be involved in something of such sort.

Your mental and physical health both are essential more than anything. And such relationships destroy both. 

Healthy relationships

Healthy relationships make you fall in love not with the other person only but yourself also. You start to feel positive about everything, and everything seems fine. 


It gives you strength and confidence that you can do whatever you want because you know that your partner will always be there for you and support you in every situation.

Embrace the challenges of life

Healthy relationships allow you to embrace the challenges of life and make you strong enough to face every hardship and difficulty of life.


If you want to be with someone:

  1. Own the other person.
  2. Do not play with anyone’s feelings, and do not hurt the other person for loving you.
  3. If you are not ready to get into a relationship, do not get into one but make anyone’s life miserable. 

If you love someone, then make up your mind and get vital to decide for yourself. Do not make the other person regret that he fell in love with you. Instead, own him and make him proud of his decision so that your life could become better. It will bring positivity to your life and will have a positive effect on your mental health.

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