What is Platonic Relationship

What is Platonic Relationship Updated 2022

Platonic relationship meaning

A Platonic relationship is the one that allows people to share a close bond without any sexual desire or instinct of practicing any sexual activity.

Gender application

 It is usually applied to people belonging to different sexual groups but can also be used for people belonging to the same gender. Sometimes, the feelings get more robust, and two people might get into a relationship, but usually, people are encouraged to stay friends.

Platonic relationship rules

Every relationship has some rules, and people are bound to follow them to run a healthy relationship without any disagreement. Rules define the status of a relationship and allow the followers to make things easy for them.


Following are the rules of a platonic relationship

It would be best if you did not flirt with your friend ever

  1. Set boundaries between each other
  2. Be respectful towards each other
  3. Avoid hangouts that appear more like a date
  4. Do not get off the track

Platonic relationship in Islam

Islam does not allow platonic friendship between a man and a woman. It has set some boundaries for the followers, and people must not cross those boundaries. 


Men are either women’s mahram; otherwise, they are nothing. People who have no blood relation with each other must not intermingle and try to develop relationships that they are not allowed to build.

Platonic relationship vs. romantic relationship

There is a massive difference between a platonic relationship and a romantic relationship. 

Romantic relationship

Romantic relationships have a blend of feelings, including a friendship with some sexual or physical intimacy. However, these feelings are restricted to their partners, and they are devoted to the idea of love.

Platonic relationship

However, a platonic relationship includes a bond with a close friend, which is above every sexual activity. It creates respect, trust, and a deep bond between two people who love and care for each other but are not sexually attracted towards each other.

Platonic relationship with the opposite gender

It is challenging to maintain a platonic relationship with a person belonging to the opposite gender. On the other hand, it is natural to get attracted to the opposite gender.

Ignoring your feelings will not help.

No matter how hard you try to avoid such feelings, you will ultimately have romantic feelings for the other person. If we see this logically, ask yourself, is it possible to not get attracted to the person who respects you, takes care of you, and encourages you for everything.

Respect is more attractive.

Respect is more attractive than physical appearance. So when a person gives you respect from the core of his heart and has stayed with you in every thick and thin phase of your life, you will end up loving them in a different way other than friends.

Platonic Relationship

Platonic relationship after a breakup

Breakups are disturbing and can bring a person down. But, on the other hand, heartbreaks are usually challenging, and people have to go through a lot afterward. 

  1. Some might experience 
  2. Anxiety 
  3. Depression
  4. Insomnia
  5. Physical weakness
  6. Appetite issues 
  7. Weight loss
  8. Weight gain 
  9. Lack of confidence
  10. Trust issues
  11. Low self-esteem
  12. Loss of motivation

How does a platonic relationship influence a person after a breakup?

Vulnerable state

People are usually vulnerable after break up, and they do go through a tough time. So it gets a little difficult for them to trust someone on the same level. 

During such phases, if a person makes sure to hold on to them and support them and help them get through the darkest times, it may establish their trust. In such cases, platonic relationships might be helpful for certain people who are in their struggling phase to get back to life.

Platonic relationship after marriage

Marriage is wholesome, and in my opinion, one should avoid having a platonic relationship after marriage as it will create difficulties for one in their marital life.

Look for a friend in your spouse

Rather than seeking out others, people should try to find that friend in their spouse and build a level of trust and make their relationship strong. When a third-get involved in your personal life and affairs, the peace flies away, and life gets off the track.

Involvement of the third person

The Third-person usually creates difficulties between a couple and gives rise to misunderstandings. 

Either the same gender or opposite people should try to avoid such relationships. Instead of discussing their problems with someone else, the couples should negotiate about it and solve the matters causing disturbances.

It’s always better to solve your matter yourself rather than someone’s assistance. But, unfortunately, only a few people in this world try to resolve the issues between the couple; otherwise, the world is full of negativity, and no one wants to make complicated things easy for others.

You don’t know the person listening to your rants all the time, might be jealous of you, and do not want things to sort out for you. We never know what’s hidden in another person’s heart; therefore, it’s best to keep your problems to yourself and resolve them on your own.

The platonic relationship between a man and a woman

It is impossible not to get attracted to a specific person who is always there to support you and help you out in difficulties. 

A way to encounter loneliness

Usually, people start such relationships to encounter loneliness but end up in even more complex situations. Two people of the opposite gender can never be friends, especially when both of them are open to options. Their friendship will ultimately end up in a romantic relationship.

The platonic relationship between friends

Friendship is precious

Friendship is precious, and friends are the world’s most extraordinary creatures. They make us feel special when we are at our bad and understand us when nobody else does.

They form a deeper connection beyond these-worldly things and manage to stay with us till our last. Friendships are platonic most of the time, especially for the same gender.

Platonic boyfriend relationship

If a girl hangs out with a guy all the time and manages to have each other’s back in every circumstance, they are in a platonic relationship.

Spiritual connection

Such a relationship is entirely spiritual and has no physical means or attraction. Therefore, the idea of other activity is completely absent in such relationships.

Everyone is alone

In today’s era, we are so open and approachable to everything yet alone. The intelligent world has created enough smartness to make every individual alone and stay connected with everyone at the same time. But, unfortunately, our busy schedule and bright life have made us alone, which is very unfortunate for every soul on this earth.

Constant seeking process

Therefore, despite having everyone with us, all of us are constantly seeking to have someone who can always be there for us and maintain this relationship with us. 

Platonic Relationship


Sometimes, we want someone to listen to us and make us feel at home, and platonic relationships work best in such cases. But unfortunately, due to the influence of this society, we are unable to manage and maintain such relationships. However, if we try, we can have such relationships with people and friends who are close enough to understand our feelings and life matters.


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