Questions To Ask Your Boy Best Friend

Best 150 Questions To Ask Your Boy Best Friend

Questions To Ask Your Boy Best Friend

Best friends have this notion that they know everything about their bae. But do you actually know everything about them? Well! There is always room to dig in for more information. Therefore, we are here for your rescue. We have written this article which will make you capable of knowing more about your best friends. These are the question to ask your boy best friend or BFF:

  1. What has been the most embarrassing moment of your life?
  2. Who do you admire the most? 
  3. What are the qualities in people that make you feel inspired from them?
  4. What is your perfect fantasy? From morning to the evening?
  5. What is your biggest fear?
  6. What is your comfort food?
  7. How do you feel at peace?
  8. What are the things that you adore about our friendship?
  9. What are the loopholes in our friendship?
  10. Tell me those things that you hate about me? 
  11. What is your favorite memory of our friendship?
  12. Is there anything fun that we did together and you like to do it again?
  13. What is the most precious thing that you own?
  14. Do you have any item in your home to which you feel emotionally connected?
  15. Who was the last person that made you feel shit about yourself?
  16. Do you have any friend in your circle who is racist?
  17. Do you know someone in the school/college who bullies students or people?
  18. Have you ever been bullied?
  19. Do you have emotional scars?
  20. What do you do to be at peace both emotionally and physically?

Questions to ask your boy best friend about yourself

It is always fun to ask people questions about yourself, and have an idea about how well they know you. In addition you can also use these questions at a sleepover or a fun party to have some fun activities with your best friends:

  1. Where do you want to go to college, in the state or out the state?
  2. What would make your parents proud?
  3. Is there anything you always wanted to do for your parents?
  4. If you win a lottery what would you want to do with the money? 
  5. Is there anything you want to change about your past? 
  6. If you could move to another state or country, what would it be? 
  7. What career would you choose in the near future? 
  8. What would you like to do as a side income? 
  9. If you can bring someone back from the dead, who would it be? 
  10. Is there any controversial topic in which you believe in? 
  11. Did you ever have a haunted encounter with someone or some place? 
  12. Which global cause is the one for which you can fight with the community? 
  13. What do you like to eat while watching Netflix? 
  14. What do you prefer, tea or coffee? 
  15. What do you notice in a person immediately? 
  16. If you can make a song list based upon your life, what songs would be in there?
  17. What kind of love language do you prefer? 
  18. What do you look for in a friendship? 
  19. What are your expectations from your best friends? 
  20. When you were young, which superhero did you want to be? 

Funny questions to ask your boyfriend 

What do you think is the best thing about friendships? Yes! The fun! Without fun friendships become liabilities and life gets so boring. So here are the questions to ask your best friend to have some chill and fun time. 

  1. What is the first thing you do in the morning? 
  2. What is your favourite exotic animal? 
  3. What Halloween character do you like the most? 
  4. With whom did you go to prom last year? 
  5. Will you lend me some money? 
  6. Do you have any weird guilty pleasures? 
  7. What are those snacks that you binge eat while watching your favorite TV shows? 
  8. Do you hear voices in your head? 
  9. If you could choose between two meals, and you had to eat it for your whole life, what would it be? 
  10. What do you think while showering? 
  11. What do you think while touching yourself? 
  12. Would you like to be a dragon or have a pet dragon? 
  13. Do you tell your Wifi password? 
  14. Do you like to be flattered? 
  15. Do you feel an ego boost after telling the good things you do? 
  16. If you die right now, whom will you trust with your phone? 
  17. What will be your last wish before dying? 
  18. What is the last meal you would like to eat before dying? 
  19. Would you like to be barefoot forever or would prefer to wear shoes all the time? 
  20. Do you remember the last good thing you did to me? 

Questions To Ask Your Boy Best Friend

Random questions to ask your boy best friend

  1. Would you like to sneak into someone’s house?
  2. Did you ever run after ringing someone’s doorbell? 
  3. Is there anything you did for only once? 
  4. Would you like to learn gun fighting? 
  5. Do you like hunting? 
  6. If you were a ghost, how would you like me to summon you? 
  7. If you can be whatever you want to be, what career would you choose? 
  8. If you were free to do anything for a day, what would you do? 
  9. If you were a killer, who would you like to take in your gang? 
  10. If you can be a  flavor, what would be your preferences? 
  11. Who is your favorite Pokémon? 
  12. What Pokémon powers do you want to have in real life? 
  13. What do you do when you are tired? 
  14. How do you kill your boredom? 
  15. What animal do you want to save from extinction? 
  16. From which animal do you fear the most? 
  17. If you could remove one color from the world forever, what would it be? 
  18. Do you have the ability to control your thoughts? 
  19. What will be your last words? 
  20. With which celebrity would you like to have dinner? 

Juicy questions to ask your friends about each other 

Friends are your true partners for every crime and virtue. They are your confidants, your do and die buddies, and whatnot. That is why it is very intriguing to have a juicy and fun Q&A with your best friends. 

  1. What was the most real and fun prank you ever did? 
  2. Do you have any awkward memories? 
  3. What made you feel embarrassed in public? 
  4. If you can live as someone for a week, who would it be? 
  5. With whom you would like to switch your lives? 
  6. If you get pregnant what would you do? 
  7. If you were a royal, what would you do for the community? 
  8. Which celebrity role do you want to play? 
  9. What is your most favorite food that you can eat for your whole life? 
  10. Which planet would you like to visit? 

Questions to ask your best friend deep

  1. What will make you proud about yourself? 
  2. What career options are you considering for college? 
  3. What is your notion of love? 
  4. How will you define loyalty? 
  5. How do you manage your finances being a student? 
  6. What is the worst thing you have ever done? 
  7. What makes you ‘You’? 
  8. Do you think just being yourself is always a good option?
  9. What are your opinions about politics? 
  10. What kind of conversations do you dislike and why? 
  11. If you could be the president of the country, what would you want to do?
  12. Who is your ideal and why? 
  13. What inspires you and why? 
  14. How can you pay tribute to your dead pet? 
  15. If you could control one of the seasons, what would it be? 
  16. What things would you like to have in your bucket list ? 
  17. What is the most valuable thing you possess? 
  18. If you can be anything, what would you want to be? 
  19. What is the worst smell you ever had? 
  20. What is the worst food you ever had? 

Awkward questions to ask from your boy best friend

Though there are some things that can make anyone embarrassed while answering them. But still when you want to have commitment, let it be a relationship or friendship, there should be no secrets.

  1. Why did you cry for the last time?
  2. Can you tell how many boys I have slept with?
  3.  Would you allow me to do your makeup?
  4. Would you like to have a beer belly?
  5. Would you like to have plastic surgery?
  6. Are you habitual of taking loans?
  7. What is your strongest move on a date?
  8. How many girls do you date at a time?
  9. Are you straight or gay?
  10. Have you ever seen anyone naked in your home?

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