Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Top 200 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend Updated 2022

Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Though we all understand that communication is vital for a smooth and healthy relationship, at times, it can also be challenging to keep the conversation flowing forever. You may run out of topics and situations; in times like these, asking questions is the best way to kickstart a conversation. In this article, we are going to cover several questions that you can ask your girlfriend.

Asking questions is the best way to know your partner better at a deeper level. These questions will range from romantic to funny, to kinky, and to the weird questions you can possibly ask your girlfriend.

Romantic Questions to ask your girlfriend

Romance is not a piece of cake, and it does not happen just casually. Romance won’t come to you, and you have to make romance come to you. The gestures, the body language, the dirty talk are all forms of romance. But, you may not know the romantic language of your girlfriend or a life partner. So to see that, you can ask her these following romantic questions:

  1. Can you remember the first time you fell in love and how?
  2. What made you fall in love with me?
  3. Does your heart pound when you see me?
  4. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see me?
  5. What were you thinking while kissing me?
  6. How were you feeling after kissing me for the first time?
  7. What date places do you prefer to go with me?
  8. If I give you 2000$, what will you do for both of us romantically?
  9. What do you like in me the most?
  10. Is there any cute name you want me to address?
  11. What is your honeymoon destination?
  12. What is your most favorite way to relax?
  13. What are the things that you prefer as self-care?
  14. What items do you like as gifts?
  15. If you can control the supply of money, where would you want to live?
  16. If you were a singer and were allowed to sing your favorite song at your concert, what would it be?
  17. Do you love road trips with me?
  18. What are your favorite flowers?
  19. What is your love stone?
  20. Where do you prefer to live? In the mountains or at the beach?

Serious questions to ask your boyfriend

You can spend your whole life as a boyfriend or girlfriend, and it is totally up to you. But, most couples want to get serious at some point in their relationship, and they want to know where their relationship is going.

You may have enjoyed being around your partner. Still, if you want to start a serious life, you need to ask your girlfriend about her preferences, opinions on life and religion, her passion and goals, and many more. So these are the following questions that you can ask from your girlfriend if you want to deepen up your relationship with her:

  1.  Do you make decisions for your life yourself?
  2. What do you believe about how people perceive you?
  3. Do you prefer spending alone time?
  4. What do you think about marrying in the future?
  5. If you want to get married, do you want children?
  6. How many children do you prefer?
  7. Do you believe in racism?
  8. What are your opinions about feminism?
  9. Do you maintain contact or any friendship with your past relationships?
  10. What do you not like in your family?
  11. If you enter a crowded room, what would you prefer? To be acknowledged or to be invisible?
  12. Are you happy with your career? 
  13. Do you want to pursue your job as your profession?
  14. How do you react when you are sad or alone?
  15. Do you believe in communication or prefer to be alone at challenging times?
  16. What is the ugliest but truth you have learned from life?
  17. What is the one thing you hate about yourself?
  18. If you can change, what do you want to change about yourself?
  19. If you’re sick, what are your expectations from your partner?
  20. Do you have any criminal records?

Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Trap questions to ask your girlfriend

It is essential to know if the person you are dating is natural or not. There are several online dating apps like Tinder etc., with several online users having fake portfolios. So how can you know if you are dating your girlfriend is the person she shows herself to or not. 

Following are the trap questions to ask your girlfriend to remove all the red flags. So that you can make your relationship excel smoothly. 

These questions will help you filter out the potential candidates to the targeted ones, and then you can select the one you liked the most. To find a potential partner, you have to focus on every single word they say. 

  1. What is your definition of love? 
  2. What do you think about a perfect relationship? 
  3. What do you think are the ideal attributes for a healthy relationship? 
  4. Where do you live? 
  5. Do you live with your parents? 
  6. Where do your parents live? 
  7. At which place do you feel at home? 
  8. Are there any worst things that you did but did not want to? 
  9. What is your goal in your profession? 
  10. What is your current occupation? 
  11. How much do you earn? 
  12. What is your current salary figure? 
  13. What are the qualities you think a man must have to be attractive? 
  14. What do you think you can achieve in five years? 
  15. Your favorite memory as a child? 
  16. In your opinion, what are your most outstanding achievements? 
  17. What is your biggest fear? 
  18. What is the best piece of advice you gave to someone? 
  19. What are your favorite movie genres? 
  20. What is your biggest passion you want to do but cannot afford? 

Flirty questions to ask your girlfriend

You can’t perform better in bed if you are unaware of your and your partner’s  potential. You can only do this by organizing a question-answer session with your girlfriend to know about each other. No matter how hard you try to understand, you still may not be able to decipher your partner’s expectations. The only way to do this is through communication. Hence answering your girlfriend these questions will make you capable of performing better:

  1.  What do you prefer to do in bed first? 
  2. What do you like to do most in bed?  
  3. Do you have a vibrator? 
  4. Do you have a hard time experiencing an orgasm? 
  5. How do you turn yourself on? 
  6. Did you ever visit a stripper? 
  7. Do you prefer to watch porn? 
  8. Do you love to dominate, or do you want to be submissive? 
  9. What are the things you like to say in bed? 

Deep questions to ask your girlfriend

If you are getting serious about your relationship, you should ask some deep questions from your girlfriend. These questions will help you to sort out what you both want from your life? Or Either spending life together is good for you both or not? 

  1. Do you like to be married someday? 
  2. Do you want to have children? If yes? What are the possible options? 
  3. What are your religious beliefs? 
  4. What are your emotional triggers? 
  5. Are there any societal factors you are deeply concerned about? 
  6. Who are your best friends? 
  7. In your past, what was your best relationship and why? 
  8. Do you prefer to live with your family after marriage? 
  9. If you get pregnant today with my baby? Will you keep it? 
  10. What is your inspiration? 

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