Questions To Ask Your Grandma

Best 100 Questions To Ask Your Grandma Updated 2022

Questions To Ask Your Grandma

Do you know your grandparents, particularly grandmother, enough? They may have lived far away from you, or you may live with them. But still, they have lived for decades, and they carry a rich lineage you should save and pass on to your generations. This article will explore questions to ask your grandma, which can lead to better relationships with your grandparents and give you answers you are constantly seeking around.

If your grandmothers are alive, it is an excellent opportunity for you to sit with them and absorb all the experience they share with you by asking questions. However, if they are not alive, you can still learn a lot about them by asking your parents questions and collecting golden memories to pass onto your next generation.

Questions to ask your grandma about life

  1. Is it your real name?
  2. What is your full name?
  3. Did your last name belong to your family, or is it from grandpa?
  4. How many siblings do you have, and where do they live?
  5. Are all of your siblings alive?
  6. What is the most prominent memory of your childhood?
  7. What are the significant moral differences you see in the past and present?
  8. What are the adventurous years of your life, and why?
  9. Who were your parents, and what are their names?
  10. Where did you use to live in childhood?
  11. Did your parents address you by a nickname?
  12. Do you share aliases with your siblings?
  13. Are you still in contact with your siblings?
  14. Do you know any of your cousins and where they used to live?
  15. What memorable things did you use to do with your family?
  16. Where did you like to spend your vacations with your family/
  17. What are your high school memories?
  18. Which high school did you attend?
  19. Which subjects were your favourite?
  20. Which topics did you hate?

Questions to ask your grandma before she died

Grandparents of any family are like think tanks, as they carry valuable information from their life experiences. They have lived so many roles in their lives that they can guide you about almost anything. 

It has also been observed that children listened to their grandparents more than their parents out of respect and love. Grandparents are the bridge connecting us to our ancestral heritage. So, it is imperative to communicate with them and keep their memory alive even after they are gone. These are the questions to ask your grandma before she dies:

  1. Are you in contact with your high school friends?
  2. What are some most fun memories with your high-school friends?
  3. What are the teachers you liked and why?
  4. Do you have any recollection of your young grandfather?
  5. Did you and grandpa have a love marriage?
  6. How did you come across grandpa?
  7. How did he propose to you and where?
  8. Were you happy with your choices in life?
  9. Do you have any fun memories of my parents when they were young?
  10. Out of all the places you have lived, which one do you like the most?
  11. What career path did you opt for?
  12. How many jobs have you switched in your life?
  13. How did you come over through the tough time of your life?
  14. What role does religion play in your life?
  15. Has anyone proposed the names of your children?
  16. What occasions did you like the most as a child?
  17. At challenging times, what activities or things give you peace?
  18. Do you like reading at school?
  19. What co-curricular activities did you participate in?
  20. What do you think the role faith plays in someone’s life?

Questions To Ask Your Grandma

Questions to ask your grandmother about you

The older people in your family are reservoirs of wisdom, experience and undeniable truth. They are, in a true sense, a “walking or living history.” They indeed may have experienced the early circumstances you read in the books, so it is better to listen to them from a survivor rather than to scroll websites over the internet. So these are the questions to ask your grandma:

  1. Do you remember your youngest childhood memory?
  2. How was society improving in your time?
  3. What gap did you feel with your parents while you were in school?
  4. Do you think I am more comfortable with my parents than you were?
  5. What do modern parents lack as a parent?
  6. What do you think I should work on as such on my personality?
  7. What kind of fashion was popular in your time?
  8. What were the slangs and phrases popular at that time?
  9. What are the significant differences between your childhood and mine?
  10. How do you think we can contribute towards a better and healthy family?
  11. Are there any medical issues that run in our family?
  12. Do you have any genetic or hereditary things that you may pass onto my parents?
  13. What do you think our family heritage is?
  14. What is the most important place on Earth to you?
  15. Do you have any emotional attachment to any location in the world?

Things to ask your grandma for Christmas

Grandparents always love to spoil us with their love and affection. At times, it is our responsibility to do something extraordinary for our grandparents. If holidays are approaching, you can give them something that she always wanted, like decorating something in her home. Following are the things that you can gift your grandma this Christmas:

  1. Blankets and warm stuff
  2. Comfy slippers
  3. Stylish handbags
  4. Personalized handbags and jewellery with her children’s names crafted on them.
  5. Self-care hygiene products
  6. Cutlery 
  7. China sets
  8. Gardening tools
  9. Handcrafting tools
  10. Sewing machine
  11. Cooking utensils
  12. Cute frames
  13. Warm cardigan
  14. A welcome to the digital word aka tablet or ipad
  15. Painting tools and supplies
  16. A full body massage chair
  17. Exercise essentials
  18. Her birthstone ring
  19. A trip to her favorite place
  20. A staycation at grandma

Funny questions to ask your grandma

Our grandma holds deep treasures of wisdom, knowledge and love for our family. She is experienced, but she also has the information of almost every aspect of life we are yet exploring. So in times of trouble, advice from grandma always proves to be helpful and a companion. So it is essential to dig into your grandma’s life too, and hence you can ask her some fun questions.

  1.  What is your favorite toy to play with?
  2. Name one thing you can’t give up even now?
  3. How can you describe your school life?
  4. How will you explain the bond between you and your grandfather?
  5. Did you score good grades?
  6. What is your favorite subject?
  7. How have the household and house chores evolved over time?
  8. Do you own a precious expensive thing?
  9. What is your favorite song?
  10. What song reminds you of grandpa?
  11. What is the famous book of grandpa?
  12. Which meal have you both always loved to eat?
  13. What was your favorite physical activity?
  14. What were the annoying habits of my mom when she was a child?
  15. Were your siblings annoying?

Dirty questions to ask your grandma

  1. Would you like to cuddle up in front of the beach, or would you want to go on a camp date?
  2. What do you wish for that can be confirmed? A world of chocolate or a world of jelly?
  3. Would you like to make love on a beach or a mountain?
  4. Would you like to have a massage with milk or peanut butter?
  5. Would you like to see grandfather all dressed up as a teen?
  6. Would you like to talk dirty over text messages or phone calls?
  7. Would you like to dress up as a stripper?
  8. For how long can you bear ice on your body?
  9. Have you ever peed in a pool?
  10. Would you like to dress up as a ballet dancer?
  11. To which celebrity would you like to give a kiss?
  12. Have you ever been arrested by a cop?
  13. What do you want more, winters or summers?
  14. Would you like to have crafted images on your nails?
  15. What kind of tattoo would grandpa like on you?
  16. Would you like to be hairless or have hair all over your body?
  17. What do you like more? A bubble bath or a hot shower?
  18. Do you want to be cuddled?
  19. Can you walk on your best friend when she is naked?
  20. Would you like to be wrinkle-free forever?

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