Questions To Ask Your Guy Friend

Best 120 Questions To Ask Your Guy Friend

Questions To Ask Your Guy Friend

To know someone is not as easy as it may seem. Being introverted or just making small talk will not serve the purpose. It is all about making an effort, so if you have a guy friend in your life to whom you want to know at a deeper level, then you have to step up your game. You have to go out there and make bonding with him, and for that, you have to communicate. So here are the questions to ask your guy friend.

Questions to ask a guy to know him deeper

If you want to know your guy friend at a deeper level, you have to be very vigilant about the timing and moment you are asking him the question. Because if you ask the wrong question at the wrong time, you will be out of the game forever. So you have to keep that in mind while knowing about the guy’s life.

  1. What do you seek in a girl?
  2. What kind of family traditions do you have?
  3. Out of those family traditions, which one do you like?
  4. If you have feelings for someone, do you prefer to say it in their face, or do you wait for the right time to realize the authenticity of those feelings?
  5. What were the most challenging times you have faced with your parents?
  6. Have you ever been involved in anything illegal?
  7. Were you a nerd in school?
  8. Were you a part of the cool and famous group in the school?
  9. What is your least favourite food?
  10. What kind of food do you think provides you comfort?
  11. Do you prefer to wait for the person to come back so that you can resume your TV series?
  12. Do you set milestones while achieving a specific goal?
  13. Does it matter to you if the girl is really unstable about her decisions in her life?
  14. Does it bother you if a girl changes her hair colour or haircut more than often?
  15. Is there any specific social issue that triggers you?
  16. Would you like to switch to another career option in the future?
  17. What kind of jobs do you seek?
  18. What do you like the most about a workplace?
  19. Do you believe in online dating and online dating apps?
  20. Did you ever bully someone?

Questions to ask a guy flirty

  1. If you would like to visit any celebrity, who would it be?
  2. Who is your favourite TV star?
  3. How do you like your meals to be?
  4. Can you eat a salty or sweet dish together?
  5. What do you prefer at pirates, beer, wine, liquor?
  6. If you have the opportunity to convert your hobby into a job, would you? Or would you keep it as your hobby?
  7. Is there anything around you which you hate but everyone else loves it?
  8. What is the thing that you love but everyone else hates?
  9. What do you like as a pet? A cat or a dog?
  10. What is the first thing about me that attracted you to me?
  11. Do you like to tell your friends about your girlfriends?
  12. What is your style of flirting?
  13. Do you like to brag about your partner, or do you keep it mellow?
  14. Do you have thoughts about me when you are alone?
  15. Do you like to work the sweat off?
  16. Do you appreciate it when a girl moves first towards you?
  17. Did you have any second thoughts while you were asking me out?
  18. What kind of date do you prefer?
  19. When can we meet again?
  20. What turns you on?

Questions to ask your guy over a text

  1. What is your signature emoji?
  2. What gif or social media trend makes you laugh?
  3. Do you like to type, or do you prefer voice notes?
  4. What is the best place for food in town?
  5. What kind of song playlist do you like to listen to on a road trip?
  6. What is your favourite movie?
  7. Do you like to have a movie sleepover with me?
  8. Is there any quote from a movie from which you get inspiration?
  9. What song do you prefer to listen to first?
  10. Have you ever taken a banned time to a plane, and what was that?
  11. Have you ever received a joke that cracks you up all the time?
  12. What is the most disappointing thing you have ever seen?
  13. What excuses do you make to your friend when you don’t want to go out?
  14. Do you have the ability to answer questions in the form of drawings?
  15. What are the cutest things present around you right now?
  16. Is there any application on your phone you would suggest I install?
  17. Would you like to synchronize our calendars?
  18. Are there any photos you have taken which you can brag about?
  19. Have you ever sent a wrong text to someone, and then you have to be embarrassed about it?
  20. What is the one thing you want to buy right now?

Questions to ask a guy you like

  1. What is the most funny thing you have ever spent your money on?
  2. Of whom do you make the most fun?
  3. What is the funniest picture you have on your system right now?
  4. Do you have any rules in your life?
  5. Do you have any unexplored habits?
  6. How do you compare real life and reel life?
  7. What is that one thing that only happens in movies?
  8. Are there any valuable things you have in your life?
  9. What was the worst relationship you ever had?
  10. Is there anything you feel really passionate about but don’t have the guts to do it?
  11. What is the most rubbish thing you have seen lately online?
  12. Who do you like most in life?

Questions To Ask Your Guy Friend

Questions to ask a guy to know his intentions

  1. Do you accept constructive criticism?
  2. Do you have a tolerance for standing differences of opinion?
  3. Why did you choose this career path? 
  4. Are you into politics, or do you prefer to avoid it? 
  5. Did someone recently break your heart? 
  6. What is love to you? 
  7. Have you ever hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally? 
  8. If you have the idea that the apocalypse is approaching, who would you inform first? 
  9. Where do you want to be buried after your death? 
  10. Would you like to be incarnated? 

Personal questions to ask a guy

  1. To whom do you prefer to spend your weekend? 
  2. Do you like to give alms to the needy? 
  3. Do you get overwhelmed easily? 
  4. Who is closest to you in the world? 
  5. What is the activity that helps you to attain peace? 
  6. How adventurous are you? 
  7. Do you think you need some personality check? 
  8. Who do you want to be like in the future? 
  9. How socially responsible are you
  10. Are you a religious person? 

Questions to ask your guy friend for fun

  1. If you can be in someone else’s life, who would it be? 
  2. Is there anything you can do to make this world a better place? 
  3. Do you believe in role-playing regarding men or women
  4. Do you believe that gender discrimination is still a thing? 
  5. Do you think both of the partners should equally contribute to a relationship? 
  6. What are your general expectations from a relationship? 
  7. To you, what is a good man?
  8. Have you ever experienced true love? 
  9. What is the fantasy of your best day? 
  10. How much time do you need to get ready? 

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