Questions To Ask Your Mentor

Best 200 Questions To Ask Your Mentor

Questions To Ask Your Mentor

Your mentor is basically a candle that brightens up the path for you. Mentors may not ease up the process but they definitely show us the ways and the methods that are necessary to pave the way. They can help us about what we actually want in our lives, they can help us to identify our passions and then ultimately aid us in aligning with our goals. So, do not take it lightly when you are in the company of your mentor. You can benefit from them by asking valuable questions. These are the questions to ask your mentor:

  1. What is your common advice that helps almost everyone?
  2. What are your stances to work on your career rather than to work continuously for a job?
  3. How do you help students in filtering the innovative ideas from the useless ones?
  4. How do you help the students in implementing innovative or creative ideas?
  5. How would you explain your counselling style?
  6. Did your mentor inspire you to be a mentor?
  7. What kind of influence did your mentor have on you?
  8. Is being a mentor creates a ripple effect?
  9. How do you challenge your beliefs and assumptions to grow and be better?
  10. From what kind of places, people, and things do you seek inspiration?
  11. How do you manage to keep your emotions aside and be logical while making decisions?
  12. If you had any other opportunity would things be different? If yes, then how?
  13. What is the key to balance work-life and family?
  14. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?
  15. Would you suggest that I should read some books to improve my overall personality?
  16. What are the morals and the values to which you stick on always?

Strategic questions to ask a mentor

Do you feel like the conversations and the questions between you and your mentor are being repetitive? Then do not get demotivated if you feel  less energized. Remember, there is always something unexplored between two people, and there is always room to learn. So, here are some strategic questions that you should ask your mentor:

  1. Have you ever faced a time when you felt that you have failed in your life, then how did you tackle the situation?
  2. How can one accept that taking risks is a part of life and successful businesses?
  3. Can you explain to me your recent business loss, and how did you cover that?
  4. If you think back to the previous five years, are you at the place where you envisioned yourself to be?
  5. Have you ever applied to a job where you did not match hundred percent with the job description, but they still hired you? How did you grow in such an environment?
  6. Do you think that you should have skipped that first management job?
  7. What do you think you should know before doing your first job, and what would you like to advise me?
  8. To you what characteristics a leader should have?
  9. Out of all the characteristics, which ones are the most difficult to achieve for a leader?
  10. Did you have a situation where you had a tough and nasty boss? How should one behave with such managers?
  11. Has someone taught you a most important lesson about leadership in college, but in practical life it is of no use?
  12. How can one develop the ability to engage such a huge number of people?
  13. What are those characteristics that led people to take inspiration from others?

Questions to ask mentor first meeting

Yeah you have finally arranged a cup of coffee with your favorite mentor but now what? How are you going to make the most out of this meeting? Well! Don’t you worry we got you covered. We have some effective questions that will help you to nail your first meeting with your mentor. Read more about questions to ask you teacher

  1. What is your schedule, and how do you spend most of the time of your day?
  2. Explain to him a situation, and ask what he would do if he was in the same situation?
  3. What are the people I need to stay connected with to make an impact in this organization?
  4. Is there anything I can help you with?
  5. Are you at the same place which you thought of five years ago?
  6. What were your fears and weaknesses before and now you have overcome them? How did you get past these?
  7. Would you recommend someone else to whom I should contact or connect with?
  8. What is the thing you are most proud of?
  9. How many organizations are you connected to and in which ways? Can you name some?
  10. If something unusual comes up at work, can I contact you?
  11. Will you help me through my career?

Fun questions to ask your mentor

  1. I tried to do a xyz task yesterday, and I could not nail it. Would you help me through it?
  2. My manager said to me that I need to be more technical and strategic, what does that actually mean?
  3. Why does my boss micromanage me? How can I assure him that it is not needed?
  4. What are the ways to connect with the influencers who are not in the same geographical location or organization?
  5. What tactics have you implemented to gain buy-in for a brand new launch?
  6. What kind or appreciative comments do you like from your employees, as my performance review is coming up, what should I prepare?
  7. I have two job options in front of me that can totally shift my career, would you help me in scaling the two options and then make a decision?
  8. I have been looking for a career shift. What do you think are the best niches that suit my business taste?
  9. What are the pros and cons of taking a stretch assignment? Does it really show you your career trajectory?
  10. If I was a brand what kinds of views would you have about me?

Questions To Ask Your Mentor

Questions to ask your mentor teacher

  1. What are my strengths, and how do you think they should benefit me?
  2. Do I have some blind spots in my personality, and how can I improve them?
  3. With regards to leadership, what do you think where I stand right now?
  4. What do you think people say behind my back when I am not around?
  5. How can I work on improving my executive presence?
  6. Do you find me skeptical or strategic in my day-day tasks or while communicating?
  7. How can I communicate my ideas and opinions more openly?
  8. What are some good qualities of a negotiator?
  9. How can I have an influence on someone?
  10. Will you recommend some books that help through communication?
  11. How can I overcome my nervousness while talking to masses of people and groups?
  12. I was asked to arrange a “team-building” activity as a refreshment for my staff, what do you recommend?
  13. How do you position the project commitment in the mind of your employees?
  14. What is the best tool for managing projects effectively?
  15. Do you use some kind of tool or template in order to plan a long term project or task?

Questions to ask mentor during internship

  1. What more skills should I work on to be successful in my career?
  2. Would you give me an insight into how you tackle run time problems?
  3. How do you satisfy the client if something is messed up by the organization?
  4. Do you think that your company is delivering what it claims to be?
  5. What is the key to customer satisfaction?

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