Questions To Ask Your Partner before Marriage

Best 100 Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

  1. What kind of relationship would you be expecting from your partner? 
  2. What is the obvious number of kids you had in your mind? 
  3. What kind of moral and religious beliefs do you want to pass on your children? 
  4. Would you like to consider the style of parenting before having kids? 
  5. What would be your reaction if your child tell he is homo, gay or lesbian?
  6. How will you deal with the trauma of your child, if he/she does something terrible? 
  7. How will you deal with the situation where your child tells you that he doesn’t want to pursue his education or career? 
  8. What will you be doing to secure our and our children’s future? 
  9. How many children do you usually have in your families? 
  10. What is your comfort level around children? 
  11. How will you make our Birthdays and Christmas or any special occasion memorable? 
  12. Would you disagree with the idea that we leave our kids with our parents so they can watch them while we can enjoy a date? 
  13. What is your go to regarding public and private schools? What will you be considering for your children? 
  14. Do you like the idea of homeschooling? 
  15. What will be your reaction if the doctor tells us that we are unable to have children? 
  16. If we couldn’t have kids naturally would you be willing to seek help from professionals? 
  17. Will you consider the idea of adoption or would you like to go with the IVF? 
  18. How would you discipline your child in public? 
  19. What do you think about scolding your child? 
  20. How did you feel when your parents scolded you in your childhood? 
  21. What distance would you like to have between kids? 
  22. Would you be okay with your relatives to watch over our children or will you be preferring the day-care? 
  23. How would you react if  your children wanted to join the military or army rather than to go to college? 
  24. What role will the grandparents be playing in the parenting, and how much would they be involved? 
  25. How will we reach a common ground regarding parental decisions? 
  26. How will you attain a balance between work and family? 
  27. Would you consider going to couples therapy if we were having problems in our marriage? 
  28. If there is a conflict between my family and yours how will you deal with the situation? 
  29. How will you take the criticism from your partner? 
  30. At which point will you consider the option of divorce? 
  31. Do you like to discuss issues as soon as they arrive or do you like to talk after some time or when you are facing lesser problems? 
  32. What will be your communication style? 
  33. How will you tell if you are not satisfied sexually? 
  34. What do you think is the best way to deal with conflicts and disagreement in marriage? 
  35. How can we both improve ourselves regarding communication? 
  36. What do you think about infidelity? What are your views on it? 
  37. What do you think about marriage connecting it with religion? 
  38. What kind of religious expectations do you have from a marriage?
  39. Have you sorted out your priorities regarding work and family life? 
  40. How do you see politics and what are your beliefs and views about it? 
  41. Do you have political tolerance? 
  42. What do you think about birth control? 
  43. Do you think that aborting a child is sin? 
  44. When do you think you will be ready for children after marriage?
  45. After a fight, how much time and space will you need to get normal? 
  46. What kind of future life are you expecting, rich or poor? 
  47. Have you decided who will be taking the major decisions of the household and family? 
  48. Would you believe it if someone says something terrible about me? 
  49. Would you keep your spouse above your family? 
  50. What role do you think a wife plays in a man’s life? 
  51. What are your religious views regarding duties of a husband and a wife
  52. Do you think household chores are the responsibility of the women? 
  53. Do you acknowledge that you have basic life surviving skills and you do not rely on your wife for it? 
  54. What is the role of a husband in the wife’s life? 
  55. How do you think both husband and wife can impact each other lives positively? 
  56. Do you have any type of current debt? 
  57. How much is your current debt? 
  58. What do you think about your current job? 
  59. Do you think that you are going to make abrupt changes in your career? 
  60. Would you dedicate all your money to your family and or will split the money into half? 
  61. How do you like to save money and what are your beliefs about saving money?
  62. How do you like to spend money?
  63. What will you do if we both want something badly but we are unable to afford it? 
  64. How well are you about organising stuff and finances? 
  65. Do you maintain a budget?
  66. Do you plan how much you are going to spend this month? 
  67. Do you think that one should save money for his retired life? 
  68. How do you feel about having debt? 
  69. Will you agree to do a second job if we can’t make peace with our finances? 
  70. What will you do if your close friend or relative demands to borrow a large amount of money? 
  71. Who will be responsible for the maintenance of household finances? 
  72. Do you like to travel? 
  73. Do you think that you are going to travel a lot with your partner? 
  74. Where would you like to go first with your partner? 
  75. How much alone time is important to you? 
  76. Do you like to be secluded? 
  77. Will you feel okay if I go on a trip with my friends for a couple of weeks? 
  78. What role do your friends play in your life? 
  79. Do you think it is important to spend time with your friends? 
  80. What is the perfect weekend evening for you? 
  81. What will we do if we have a day off but we want to spend it differently? 
  82. How frequently would you like to visit your parents? 
  83. Would you accompany me in visiting my parents? 
  84. How often will my parents and your parents  visit us in a year? 
  85. Do you have any record of genetic mishaps or abnormalities in your family? 
  86. How will you react if one of your relatives says that they do not like me? 
  87. What do you like to do on family occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas? 
  88. If your parents are sick, will you ask them to move in with us? 
  89. If my parents are ill, will you do the same? 
  90. Is anyone in your family a junkie or an addict? 
  91. Do you think anyone in your family can hurt us somehow? 
  92. Do you resist taking mental health treatments? 
  93. If I have to go on a certain diet due to medical reasons, will you shift your diet for me? 
  94. Do you like to exercise with your partner in order to be healthy? 
  95. What is your dream location to live in? 
  96. Will you mind if I have to leave the town due to my job? 
  97. What are your major concerns and fears regarding marriage? 
  98. What are your aspirations regarding your career? 
  99. What will you do to keep the spark alive between us? 
  100. What do you think are the best ways to keep loving each other in a marriage? 

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