Questions to ask your teacher

Best 200 Questions to ask your teacher Updated 2022

Questions to ask your teacher

Teachers are the backbone of our communities; they are the ones that lead the way to our children for the right career and successful life. Though in schools, most of the fuss is about teachers and students. But, in fact, teachers are not the only ones that build your child’s future. Supportive and informative families play a huge role in shaping up their child’s future. So these are the questions to ask your teacher:

  1. What are your academic parameters and styles of studying, and to what extent should I be aware of them?
  2. How will you describe your modes of teaching?
  3. How will you respond if I struggle to learn in one of your classes?
  4. Tell me about those technicalities and complex topics that I should essentially learn in your class?
  5. What do you focus on? Strengths or weaknesses?
  6. What are your techniques to respond to a student’s weaknesses?
  7. How do you respond to a student’s insecurities?
  8. How can you improve a student if he lacks morals?
  9. How do you turn a student’s weaknesses into strengths?
  10. What do you think is the role of visuals in the class?
  11. How often do you use visuals in your class?
  12. What kind of visuals do you use in your class?

Questions to ask your teacher for fun 

Though students and teachers share a very formal and academic relationship Question. However, to keep things light and fun, it is essential to have some fun in the classroom too. A student never listens to your whole lecture if there is not a fun element in it. Because that is how students are, so to have some fun in your boring history class you can ask some fun questions from your teacher:

  1. What role critical thinking plays in the child’s cognitive development?
  2. How often do you give essential questions of thought in your class?
  3. Do you think the education system is meant for educating the students rather than just cramming?
  4. What measures can we take to improve the education system in our community?
  5. Do you think that teachers are somehow gender-biased in our school?
  6. Do you think that teachers do injustice due to misogyny?
  7. Are our exams and assessments really marking our knowledge score, or is it not appropriate?
  8. How can I create awareness about literature and literacy in my family and community?
  9. What kind of questions do you suggest we should ask from you in your class?
  10. Do you think that you are addressing the personalized academic needs of the students?

Questions to ask your teacher on the first day of the school

The first days are always the memorable ones. You can train your children so that they can enjoy their first day at school fully by asking fun and creative questions from their teachers. Here are the questions that we advise you to ask on the first day of the school:

  1. How do you like to be called in the class?
  2. What things am I going to learn in school this year?
  3. What is your most minor favorite thing about this school?
  4. How will you advise me to make this year my best year?
  5. How can I help you, teacher?
  6. What are the features you like in your most favorite student?
  7. How do you think I can find my passion?
  8. What is your greatest strength or quality?
  9. Would we learn through digital media in this class?
  10. How will you describe me in five words?

Questions to ask your teacher about school

  1. How old is this school?
  2. Who are some of the most talented teachers of this school?
  3. How much does this school invest in extra-curricular activities?
  4.  How qualified are the teachers of this school?
  5. Does this school have a good reputation?
  6. Does this school share a strong bond with its alumni?
  7. What are your opinions about the overall excellence of this school?
  8. Do you think this school needs to improve academically?
  9. If this school needs academic improvement, how can it do it?
  10. Is it worth spending time in this school?

Questions to ask your teacher about college

  1. Were you also a student in this college?
  2. How old is this college?
  3. What kind of programs does this college offer?
  4. What do you like about teaching in this college?
  5. Would you like to see any changes in this college?
  6. What are the common goals of the student studying in a similar major?
  7. Does this program need to be accredited?
  8. How can I explore new career options while studying in this college?
  9. Would I have to graduate to get a degree in a particular field?
  10. What programs differentiate this college from the others?
  11. How would you describe the strengths and the weaknesses of this specific program?
  12. How frequently do I have to attend classes in this program?
  13. What kind of classes this college usually offers, discussion-oriented or learning-oriented?
  14. Does this college provide aid to the students in finding job opportunities and internships?
  15. Will you recommend some books to pass with excellence in this major?

Question to ask your teacher about themselves

  1. What kind of family did you have?
  2. Is teaching your passion, or do you do it out of responsibilities?
  3. What career would you adopt if not teaching?
  4. What do you like most about teaching?
  5. What are the challenges of education?
  6. How do you struggle with education?
  7. How will you describe the dumbest students?
  8. How do you control your temper if a student passes a personal comment or argues aggressively?
  9. How do you help students to explore their passions?
  10. Are you satisfied with your profession?

Questions to ask your teacher

Questions to ask your teacher about life

  1. What is life to you?
  2. How would you like to spend your life in the future?
  3. What do you think should be the common goals for every person to live a successful life?
  4. How can one achieve peace in their lives?
  5. How will you describe the importance of mental peace?
  6. Do you think we are excelling as a society or community?
  7. What are your views on feminism and color discrimination?
  8. How can we eradicate Islamophobia from our communities?
  9. Why do you think people develop such a strong feeling like “hate” towards another person?
  10. How can we improve as a society and community?

Questions to ask your teacher in Spanish

The Spanish phrase of “Questions to ask your teacher (female)” is “preguntas para hacer a tu profesora”, and for the male is “preguntas para hacer a tu profesor.”

Questions to ask your teacher for an interview

  1. Why did you consider teaching as your profession?
  2. What kind of teaching philosophy do you hold?
  3. How can you know your students to be most helpful to them?
  4. Why do you want to be a teacher, specifically in our school/college/university?
  5. How will you be an asset to us?
  6. Is there anything you do not like about teaching?
  7. Why should we choose you and not other candidates?
  8. What is your competitive advantage?
  9. How will you prepare for the first day of your class?
  10. Why do we teach languages in our school?
  11. What are your evaluation criteria for the students?
  12. How will you interact with the parents, and how often?
  13. What are your qualifications?
  14. What subject would you prefer to teach here?
  15. What are some challenges that students face these days?


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