Best 100 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Weddings are the most important part of anyone’s life, and therefore everything has to be perfect, particularly the photos. Apart from everything, as the world is getting digital, it is sort of necessary to have an Instagram worth wedding photos. To find the best wedding vendor for your wedding, it is necessary to interview your photographers to explain to them what kind of wedding you actually want. Thereby, we have collected all sorts of questions to ask your wedding photographer.

  1. Will you be available on my wedding date?
  2. Do you have a busy photoshoot schedule during my wedding week?
  3. Will there be any assistants along with you?
  4. How many assistants will you be bringing along with you?
  5. Do you have any cancellation policy?
  6. How much will you pay if we cancel the order?
  7. After how much time, can we receive our wedding photographs?
  8. How cooperative are you when it comes to shoots?
  9. Will you consider our list of specific shots that we want?
  10. What kind of complementary services do your agency provide?
  11. Will you revisit our photographs for tuning, color adjustment, and any kind of readjustments?
  12. Can you explain to us your photography style and attitude?
  13. Will you transfer us the rights of the images?
  14. How much do you charge for your signature shoot?
  15. Can we directly get in contact with the photographer who will be shooting us a week before our wedding?
  16. How many assistants will you bring depending on the size of my event?

Questions to ask your wedding photographer after booking

  1. For how long have you been shooting weddings? How many shoots can you do in a week?
  2. Have you ever done a wedding shoot of this size and style like ours?
  3. Can we see portraits and videography of your recent wedding shoots?
  4. Have you done any wedding shots at our venue before? If not, would you like to see the venue in advance to think about the aesthetics?
  5. Would you be working in synchronization with the videographer and DJ?
  6. To whom we can compare your work to?
  7. Which photographer is your inspiration?
  8. What is your mode of shooting? Film, Digital or both?
  9. Do you like to click candid pictures more than the formal ones?
  10. Do you prefer to choreograph your images or do you like to take pictures that blend in the background?

Fun questions to ask a photographer

  1. Can we order our albums, prints, and digital volumes directly from you or will there be any assistant for this?
  2. What kind of albums would you prefer for us?
  3. Will you help us to select images and design our album?
  4. Do you include albums and their prints in your package?
  5. How many pages will be included in our album?
  6. What will be the turnaround time for the album?
  7. What will be the mode of delivery for the images?
  8. Can we access the images online from you and for how long that service will be available?
  9. After the meeting, how much time after we will receive the contract?
  10. What are the essentials of your contract?

Questions to ask wedding videographer

Apart from the photos the next most important thing of the wedding is the video. Therefore, we recommend you to hire a professional videographer who can capture those candid moments like a fairy tale otherwise it may be a miss. So following are the questions you should always ask to you wedding videographer: Read more about how to ask question teacher 

  1. For how long have you been doing videography for weddings?
  2. How many weddings can you cover in a month or in a year?
  3. Are there any other wedding videographers in the field with whom would you like to work?
  4. What is your wedding videography style? Vintage or modern?
  5. What kind of inputs would you be needing from us?
  6. At what costs and things do you make your final decision?
  7. What are the criteria of your package prices?
  8. Do you consider discounts about your package?
  9. Would you work in synchronization with the photographer?
  10. What kind of environment would you prefer for wedding videography?
  11. Do you recommend daytime wedding videos or vice versa?
  12. Have you worked on this venue before?
  13. Are the aesthetics of my venue appealing to your camera?
  14. Can you take the load of multiple weddings within a week?
  15. What kind of camera and equipment do you use?
  16. Do you charge differently for different types of camera resolutions?
  17. Will there be a backup videographer available?

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Questions to ask wedding photographer and videographer

  1. Will we receive the negatives of our wedding photos or would you send us those digitally? If yes, what would be the charges?
  2. Can you accept multiple installments for the whole payment?
  3. Do your assistants and you have liability insurance?
  4. How much payment in advance will you require from us?
  5. Do you have any backup equipment available if any misadventure happens at the wedding?
  6. Who will be the backup if you could not be available at my wedding for any particular reason like medical conditions etc?
  7. What kind of dressing you and your assistant will be having?
  8. Can we have our specific shots both in the photos and for the videos?
  9. Will you be posting our wedding photos on your social media handles?
  10. Is there any type of consent contract would you like us to sign before posting our pictures online?

Questions to ask your wedding photographer before the wedding

  1. Would you be available for any reconsidering of the photos like color correction, color adjustments etc?
  2. What is your favorite time of the year to shoot weddings?
  3. Which kind of venue would you suggest for best photography and videography?
  4. How many weddings can you do in a single slot?
  5. How do you shoot? Digitally or by Film?
  6. If you shoot our photos as film, will you shoot that in black and white as well?
  7. What percentage of photos would you recommend from colored to black and white?
  8. What services are actually included in your wedding videography and photography package?
  9. For how many hours you will provide us services, and what are the charges?
  10. Do you shoot overtime? And what are the charges for the overtime shooting?
  11. How much the deposit and total fees would be?
  12. How many associates will you be coming with?
  13. Who will be there for us if you have any emergency?
  14. Would you charge additionally for the assistants and the associates?
  15. How long do you take to deliver the photos?
  16. How will you coordinate with the videographer?
  17. How will you coordinate with the photographer?
  18. How would you two be able to communicate your vision in the final product?
  19. Do you follow any sort of shot list with your clients?
  20. Do you capture pictures freely as the couple do with the background?
  21. Will you be providing us the print albums? If yes, then what material would you be using?
  22. Do you have any type of restrictions regarding sharing photos online?
  23. Will you own our photos?
  24. Would you have the copyright to our photos?
  25. Would you be bringing your own lighting or do we have to arrange that?

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