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Best 20 Relationship Advice for Men, Women

Relationship advice

Giving relationship advice to someone can be really challenging and tough because it is very hard to advise someone without being judge, especially if you don’t even know if someone asked for relationship advice, so that the situation can lead to embarrassment.

But when you truly want someone to guide you about something serious when it comes to a relationship like:

  1. Is it toxic?
  2. Is it healthy
  3. Am I ready to advance in this relationship?

To answer the above questions, you need someone very expert, experienced, and professional about relationships. Of course, we all know that we should be compromising in nature, always go to bed in a good mood, and be respectful, but we already know that, right?

That is when you need a therapy expert who can actually guide you and can aid you in identifying the root causes which are causing disturbances in your relationship. Here are some advice from experts:

  • Take out some time: In order to strengthen your relationship, you have to take out some time weekly or monthly. In this way, you can sit and talk about your flaws and misunderstandings. It is the best way to resolve a conflict as well. Always mention the good things you guys gave each other in recent years to maintain the conversation as a discussion and not an argument.
  • Be natural: You need to understand that every little activity in a relationship requires encouragement and appreciation. So if you begin to think that you are not good enough, you are allowing a gate to open. Through this gate, you are channeling negative energy towards your positive feelings and disturbing the whole relationship.
  • Find out the patterns: If you keep on facing a conflict about a similar thing frequently, it’s time to sit back, take a deep breath, and settle it. You have to find the root cause of the conflict, or else you will keep fighting. Point out specific behaviors and attitudes in your partner that make you uncomfortable and make them acknowledge this.
  • Do not fantasize about your partner: This is the main reason why people are facing issues in their relationships. We expect so much from our partner that we assume that he will fit in every role, but that cannot be possible. He cannot be your better half, best friend, confidant, and husband at the same time.
  • Mirroring: The concept of mirroring is very important to introduce in relationships. Mirroring is repeating the same words to your partner, which causes you discomfort. In this way, you basically make them feel the exact same way. If your partner has posed a suggestion, repeat the same sentence later on, and then comment on it. For example, “Previously you were talking about moving with kids, here is my opinion.” It is the basis of healthy communication.

Relationship advice

Relationship advice for women

We have often heard it’s hard to keep up in a relationship. But the statement is not really true. It’s not the relationship that is difficult, but actually, it’s the people who make it complicated.

Well, people do want to have a perfect love life or married life, but they are not ready to put in the effort. Relationships are like a four-wheel vehicle that cannot continue if any of the partners is not struggling.

Relationships require patience, struggle, and forgiveness. Even if you are successful in finding the right person, they cannot be perfect in everything. There is nothing magical about relationships unless you make them magical.

Women are different from men when it comes to relationships. Apart from the hormones and PMS (Premenstrual depression), women can sometimes be really challenging to understand. But, trust me, most of the time, it’s the guy’s fault. So here are a few pieces of advice for women in relationships.

  • Always keep a balance: It does not matter how much you love each other, always set limits and boundaries. It’s crucial to have your own friend circle and life even when you are madly in love with someone. You don’t have to play golf only if he likes it and you don’t. Remember not to forget yourself in the whole process.
  • Being needy is not cute: The thing is, some women don’t even realize that they are needy. You have to understand that he cannot be around you all day and cannot reply to you in seconds every time you text him. Maintain some space between yourselves.
  • Connection is very vital: To feel connected to your partner in all terms, mentally, physically, and socially is essential in a relationship. If you are uncomfortable regarding any factors, it is important to ‘communicate.’ If you hesitate while communicating, it explains that one partner is dominant and the other is submissive, and that needs to be fixed right away.
  • Stop running: Sadly, many women think that their partner is the last man on the earth. Even if he is treating her badly, she will make excuses to justify her relationship. Ladies! You deserved to be loved in the best possible way, do not compromise for less. If he is yours, he will stay put; otherwise, do not chase such guys.
  • Do not stay in a relationship because of people: Many ladies think that they need a man only to satisfy society or for fulfilling their insecurities. If you are doing a relationship for these things, then it is not going to work.

Relationship advice

Relationship advice questions

If you feel distant and looking for a way to connect with your partner, these questions are the absolute best for you. Then, you can easily spark up a conversation either at dinner, lunch, pillow talk, and having a conversation while taking a walk.

When you spend so much time together, it is completely normal to feel a little dry as you run out of topics to talk about. Here are some questions which you can ask from your better half to generate the spark again:

  1. What kind of parent do you think I would be?
  2. What kind of children do you want?
  3. If you are feeling low, would you want me to leave you alone or cheer you up?
  4. How much do you understand me, or how would you describe me to someone?
  5. Are you happy with the sexual connection or not?
  6. What kind of space you need from your partner, or what do you prefer
  7. If you both love sports, you can ask them how to spend your day going somewhere or playing your favorite sport.
  8. If I ask you to ask me about anything, what will it be?
  9. Tell me the thing you wanted to tell me, but you couldn’t for some reason.
  10. What more can we do with our relationship and connection to strengthen it?
  11. What are your preferences for celebrations when it comes to holidays or special occasions?
  12. Do you like to celebrate Valentine’s day, or do you think it’s cringe?
  13. Do you remember the first thing from which we feel attracted towards each other?
  14. In your opinion, what is the best device regarding relationships?
  15. Are you happy with the time we are spending, or do you want some alone time?
  16. How many exes do you have, and are you friends, with any of them?

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