Unhappy Wife in Marriage

20 Signs of Unhappy Wife in Marriage Updated 2022

Unhappy wife in marriage

Marriage is a beautiful relationship that two people share following their beliefs and moral values keeping in mind the ordinate laws. It helps two people be strong and helps them understand the ultimate power of love. The purity of this relationship carries two people together for the rest of their lives.

Fundamentals of marriage

Like any other relationship, there are some fundamentals on which marriage is based. Trust, love, loyalty, respect, and being valued are some of the most important fundamentals for a wedding. 

A couple can only live a happy life if they practice all these in their lives. Otherwise, they will have to face a difficult time concerning their relationship.

Role of husband and wife

Marriage is a relationship that requires working from both individuals. If any one of them gives up on each other, the relationship will fall apart. It demands respect and care from both sides. If these two aspects are present between the couple, it will automatically lead to a loveable relationship.

Unhappy marriage and cheating

Happiness is nothing but a satisfying emotion. Life becomes peaceful when two people are satisfied with each other from every aspect. But if any one of them decides to separate their ways, the marriage falls apart.

Reasons for broken marriages

Cheating your partner is one of the main reasons for broken marriages. It mainly occurs when the other person starts comparing his partner with the people around him. It can be a co-worker, neighbor, old friend, cousin, or anyone. 

Cheating your partner is the worst thing that a person can do. It shatters the trust to the level that the other person might not trust anybody in the future. In addition, it has adverse effects on the victim, which can lead to various physical and mental disorders.

Effects on the victim

The person who gets cheated goes through a lot. Sometimes it leads to different physical and mental disorders as 

  1. Weight gain (due to stress eating)
  2. Weight loss(It happens due to less or no intake of food during stress)
  3. Low self-esteem
  4. Depression
  5. Anxiety
  6. Panic attacks
  7. B.p issues
  8. Thyroid diseases
  9. Diabetes
  10. Stomach issues
  11. Affects the appearance
  12. Insomnia
  13. Mood swings
  14. Difficulty in decision making
  15. Difficulty in interacting socially
  16. Heart diseases
  17. Difficulty in focusing

Is it okay to cheat if you are unhappy?

Sometimes people justify their unfair tasks. They act as victims while being the culprits, which makes them even more toxic. 

Is it okay to cheat if you are unhappy?

Relationships require sacrifices, devotion, and will to make it work. Of course, nothing is perfect in this world, but one can at least try to attain perfection.

Life is a series of events.

Every relationship goes through ups and downs because this is how life is. It can never be full of happiness nor sadness. A series of events that one has to go through but running away from your problems during the most challenging times is not a humane thing to do.

Unhappy wife in marriage

Selfish partner

Many people are out there who find, leaving their partner in the hardest of times, very ordinary. They always have justifications for their actions, but they don’t understand that disloyalty is never justified.

Cheating your partner

Cheating your partner is never justified. If someone is not satisfied or happy in their current relationship, they should try to find a solution to their problems rather than finding a way out of their relationship.

Cheating your partner just because you are not happy is a ferocious thing to do. If something needs to be fixed, it’s the responsibility of the couple to fix it, but leaving it unamended is never a solution.

What happens if you cheat while married?

Trust is the basis of every relationship. There is no point in being with someone if you don’t trust that person. Trust strengthens the connection, but it ruins everything if any one of the two decides to cheat.

Deceiving your partner

Cheating your partner while being married is not an acceptable thing. Of course, you must talk it out whatever bothers you but deceiving the one who loves you from the core of their heart is very cruel.


Even if you want to separate your ways, there are many ways to do it. First, tell the other person that you are no longer in the relationship. That’s why you are moving on in your life, but cheating your partner and shattering their trust is not a fair option.

Do men cheat if they are unhappy?

Men are considered to be dominant in relationships. They have got the power to make decisions. They don’t believe in the idea of asking for suggestions from their partner.

Their dominance leads to a very toxic habit of never listening to “no”. Men find it insulting if something goes beyond their perspective.

Strong women

This problem arises mainly in those cases where the women are strong and financially independent because they know what they know their worth. They never accept the fact of being someone’s servant for the rest of their lives just because the other person claimed that he loves her. 

Raising their voice to every unjustified thing makes men vulnerable to the other women who could fulfill their demands of being recessive against them.

How men seek other options

They seek other ways to find happiness. They get attracted to the other women and deceive the one who is already with them. So yes, men do cheat when they are unhappy in their marriage.

They always find another option either in their office, family, neighborhood, or anywhere they go. 

They don’t realize that they are doing an incredibly wrong thing by doing something of this sort. As a result, men lose respect in the other person’s eyes and become humiliated in their social circle. After all, nobody respects a cheater. 

Why is cheating wrong in marriage? 


Loyalty matters a lot in a relationship. First, it strengthens the bond between each other. Second, it gives them the confidence that they are enough for each other, and no matter what the circumstances will be, they will always have each other’s back.


Whereas cheating, on the other hand, is the opposite of loyalty. Where loyalty provides strength to two people, infidelity shatters everything between them.

Stepping back from the commitment

Marriage is not a joke where people will live together for a couple of months and then head on towards different pathways. Marriage is an enormous responsibility that requires commitment for the rest of your life. 

Cheating on your partner is similar to stepping back from your commitment, and it not only breaks the trust but also breaks the other person emotionally.

Signs a man is unhappy in his marriage.

Men are often more likely to cheat. Maybe it’s because they are more social than women. But, unfortunately, there are a few men who stick firmly to their ground, whereas many men deviate from their path.


Following are the signs of an unhappy man in his marriage.

  1. He might be rude for no reason.
  2. He will be discouraging.
  3. He will always find fault with everything.
  4. He won’t care for his partner.
  5. He will not share his feelings with his partner.
  6. He will never acknowledge his partner.
  7. He will always think about himself.
  8. He will never praise his partner for anything.
  9. He will be least interested in his relationship.

Loveless marriage signs

It is effortless to indicate that two people are not happy with each other. It’s pretty obvious when someone is unhappy.


Following are the symptoms of a loveless marriage 

  1. The couple may have lost the spark.
  2. They constantly quarrel over little things.
  3. They never appreciate each other for anything.
  4. They discourage each other.
  5. They humiliate each other in front of everybody.
  6. They don’t respect each other.


Get married if you are ready for a lifelong commitment; otherwise, don’t ruin two lives for the sake of fun.

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